Johnny Cash - Jim, I Wore A Tie Today Lyrics

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Jim, I Wore A Tie Today Lyrics
(Jim uh huh, Jim uh huh, Jim)

Jim, I did everything that I could
But your fever just wouldn't die down
So I tied your horse to the wagon bed
And last night I brought you to town.

But when I got there you were gone Jim
And there was nothin' nobody could do
I bought you a suit and a tie Jim
And today I wore one too.

Jim I wore a tie today
The first one that I ever wore
And you'd have said I looked like a dummy
Out of a dry goods store.

Jim they said a lot of things
But I don't know a thing they said
My mind kept wanderin' off down the trail
Back to the times that we've had.
(Wind her through sun and the rain)
And for gold on the cuff
We've done everything in the book I guess
And a lot they'd never thought up.

Well Jim, you're ridin' on ahead
I guess that's how it has be
But when you reach those streets paved with gold Jim
Stake a claim out for me...

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