Johnny Cash - I Wish I Was Crazy Again Lyrics

Johnny Cash Lyrics

I Wish I Was Crazy Again Lyrics
I met an old friend this morning
And I stopped him and called him by name
I said the years haven't changed you
But he said good Lord how you've changed

So we stood there and talked on the corner
And remembered the good times we had
Then he asked if we're happy together
And I only smiled and I said

Yes she keeps me off the streets
And she keeps me out of trouble
Sometimes at night Lord when I hear the wind
I wish I was crazy again yes I wish I was crazy again

Then we stopped in at a tavern we had us around or two
We called ourselves old desperados
Old desperados as old friends are likely to do
We sat for a while and remembered then he said let's have just one more
I said I'd sure like to join you but best be going on home


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