Johnny Cash - Don't You Think It's Come Our Time Lyrics

Johnny Cash Lyrics

Don't You Think It's Come Our Time Lyrics
[Johnny Cash:]
I have picked wild roses
Far into september
But I had no one to give the flowers to
I needed a celebration
A September coronation
And I admitted to myself I needed you

[June Carter:]
I've watched the gentle winds change
The colors shades of meadows
Ive seen the dew on flowers that had no name
But I let my vase stay empty like my lonely empty heart
Picking flowers for yourself is not the same

Don't you think its come our time to be together
Lets gather up our scattered words of love and make them rhyme
Let's go pick some flowers and fill our empty vases
Don't you think its come out time

Would you take this small bouquet that leaves a fragrance on my fingers
And a feeling that your love is close at hand
Thank you for the flowers, now lets walk through the meadows
Through the brook where our demands caress the sand


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