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Johnny Blanco Lyrics

Flatline Lyrics
God forbid I gotta go
Draw a mural on the wall, take the dough and ball
God forbid I gotta go
Raise my seed like he ya own, show him how the streets go
God forbid I gotta go
Even though you was my wife all you wanted was dough
God forbid I gotta go
To my mother, I love you so, I'm sorry I had to go

I spent about nine months laid up
While you prayed for the best
Strugglin' through labour pains, fed me milk from your breast
Included from stress
And your eyes immaculate
Wishin' I knew the half of it
About the man you was married with
Soon to be a father
Even though he won't bother
And a part of me is a part of him
So a part of me still sins
Where should I begin
Raisin' a child with your prognosis
Droppin' roses
I feel close as the coffin closes
Follow the hearse
Put M6 in the dirt
Even though he was a bastard you explained why it hurt
And you told me
Remember the good times
Memories are a lifetime
Plus I know you loved the man and that's the bottom line
I'm tryin' to find
The reason why a man would leave you lonely
In and out of court
Back and forth for alimony
Wishin' I could truly just stop the pain
But I see it in your eyes when you mention his name
Sometimes I sit back and wonder am I truly to blame
Or do your thoughts crucify me cuz I carry his name
I'm going insane
Wishing I could turn time back
To when you wasn't handicapped
I miss sittin' on your lap
Wishin' I woulda listened
You missin' your loved one
I was foul with the tongue
No mother should lose a son
Til we meet again
Accept my amends
I gotta go
Think of me when it snow
While you're sippin' your hot coco


Dear bitch
If you hearin' this I'm in eternal sleep
Probably died in the street
Don't worry you'll move on in a week
Back on your feet
Oh yeah I know about them affairs
But I wonder did you care?
Was there ever love there?
Or was I just another man to tease and keep hungry
I'll admit the pussy was lovely and you was far from ugly
Siliconed your boobs
Supported career moves
Had you a rock of Q's eskimoes use to build igloos
What a dummy
I even put a seed up in your tummy
Never thought my baby's mummy was someone who didn't love me
You trife as f*ck you probably put the hit on my ass
But before I passed my ass put the loot in a stash
The dead man with the pen
I'm takin' the last laugh
Ran up in your sister, tattooed my name on her ass
What go around come around
You f*ck me I f*ck you
One love from up above
I see you when you come through


Dear son
I'm sorry I'm not here to watch you grow
I'm gone over some dumb shit
Had to die for the dough
I got other suspicions though
Somebody was playin' rotten
Somebody was plottin' patiently
I'll take that to the grave with me
Never mind the gutter
The whole globe was trife
Your mother didn't make a good wife
But you the love of her life
And when you need guidance you can turn to Blast and Boo
And Naughty got a meal ticket and a stash for you
And if there's a heaven I promise I'll look down on you
When the night fall over your shoulders and pray with you

[Child's voice]
"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my sould to keep....."

And no matter what don't ever take your life for granted
Cuz when your heart stops beatin' believe you leavin' the planet
To my fam I bequeath the misery of my death
I'm so sorry that y'all had to see me with no breath
But keep poppin' that shit and always keep me on your mind
I only ask that my memory never get lost in time
And I hope y'all die old with your dick in a chick
Blazin' the place
Pass away with a smile on your face
Til we meet again accept my amends
I gotta go
Next stop, heaven or hell
When I get there I'll let you know


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