Johnnie Ray - Look Homeward Angel Lyrics

Johnnie Ray Lyrics

Look Homeward Angel Lyrics
To Ev'ry Girl-To Ev'ry Boy (The Meaning of Love)
Johnnie Ray
Words and music by Jerry Samuels and Barry Parker

To ev'ry girl, to ev'ry boy,
Whose empty heart has known no joy,
This emptiness is part of your love story,
Till you know the meaning of love.
To ev'ry one who feels afraid,
It's only Life that's on parade
And Life may bring you tears, in place of glory,
Till you know the meaning of love.
There may be pain,
There may be misery,
All this may be,
Along with ecstacy,
Don't think these things are far above you,
It's always so, when someone loves you.
Your day will come, Your eyes will shine
And you will cry, "This love is mine!"
And suddenly your heart will tell you,
You know the meaning of love!

From: "Montcomags"

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