Joell Ortiz - Too Soon (Biggie Tribute) Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Too Soon (Biggie Tribute) Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I remember how I felt when your tape dropped
Like 'how the hell can't find a song that ain't hott'
Strong voice, your delivery is unmatched
Your metaphors made it sure that you run rap
Gucci sweater with the Kango hats
When you was clubbin lumberjack with the hat to match
When you was thuggin, to this day I listen back to your tracks
Like you was buggin
Felt like strangling that faggot ass nigga who threw the slug in
And murked the king
Probably some jerk who wasn't worth a thing
You gave the ladies all them words to sing
Gave the hustlers commandments to live by
My how the time has wizzed by
I know your proud of Jay, he a big guy
Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
Now it's Xbox 360, Playstation on the hip
But when it comes to this game
Ain't a damn thing changed
Damn that man blew out an early flame... cause your still the man

Your candle burned out
Way before your legend ever lived
I'll see to it that you live
Talking bout you to the kids
Like this man right here handled his biz
Anybody who heard him knows what it is
(Blew out too soon)

[Verse 2:]
You wrote my favorite song of all-time
Whoever pulled the trigger on you had a small mind
Cause see this dude right here was a lot more than rap
I guess he was over ya'll head like a bad quarterback
Not mine, when I got signed I dwelled on what he spoke
Rhyme for the bitches the niggas want what the bitches want end quote
Ain't nobody better at putting emotion on the track
It's well understand why you cause commotion when you rap
Man you had the juice
Some people think that you lied, you never died, and you back in the booth
Man how I wish that was the truth
Because with you back in town... we could lead this game back to it's roots
We sincerely miss you
The whole world wished every one of them shells clearly missed you
Brenda's baby havin babies, now I'm fed up
I'll address this one though, you keep your head up

[Chorus x2]

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