Joell Ortiz - So Wrong Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

So Wrong Lyrics
[Talib Kweli:]
Cutting niggas down like the Amazon, for posin like the cameras on ambush it with Joell Ortiz getting my Spanish on, Yo tengo ambre we eating money it's Nathan a freak in these congregations speaking the conversation with people who facing Satan I bring em the word of God, my observation's disturbing my words'll murder your squad. I pull the trigger with my tongue grab your Bible like Brigham Young spit fire my brain is a bigger gun I'm from Brooklyn where I'm from we call a nigga son, it's cause we shinin through the night break out the flashlight you must be on a short flight cause you pack light behave man I beat up cavemen with stalagmites get up and fight you too tired for another round they say I'm worshiping the devil cause I run this town now let me run it down and raise the stakes like a porterhouse with one fourth of the Slaughterhouse

[Joell Ortiz:]
The most exquisite, so gifted more like a wizard, I spit it a frigid blizzard of lyrics, what I exhibit'll finish you lil midgets, in minutes you'll all diminish for mimicking my image I'm the sickest nigga forget it, you'll never be near as clever or better every letter will sever your metal or medulla whatever you fellas are feathers don't measure up well with a heavy medicine pedaler incredible Pelle leather rocking Hip Hop Federer serving em every word got a purpose murderous verses emerging beneath the surface like volcanoes I burn every person on Earth should be nervous become servants and worship the permanently perfect version of merciless Copernicus I was sent from the stars an astronomer found my bars a kilometer off of Mars near Andromeda a phenomena no common thermometer's able to monitor my temperature the pressure'll crush your barometer

[Brother Ali]

[Jean Grae]

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