Joell Ortiz - Sing Like Bilal (Remix) Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Sing Like Bilal (Remix) Lyrics
[Intro: Sample Of Lil' Fame]
Sing Like Bilal!

[Joell Ortiz (Sheek Louch) {Sample Of Lil' Fame}]
Uh! Uh! Street mix! Y-Y-Y (Aiyyo yo Joell Ortiz whattup family!) YAOOOWWWWW!

(D-BLOCK) {Sing-Sing like Bilal!}

[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]
Uh! I'm the boy that got the block in a squeeze
Ortiz my name hot like I shoot at the D's
Twelve twelve flow I'm what they rock in the P's
Cheese I'm on a roll like pastrami and cheese
It adds up why I'm a gift to this breed
I'm a addict even when my adlibs mean
Every radio station should add this Preem
Plus add my address and you have sixteen (WOO)
Seven One Eight I'm reppin the state
Of the Eighty Six Mets and the consecutive Yanks
Sixty Nine Jets and the catch on the face
That put the undefeated Bill Bellicheck in his place (Get outta here!)
It's so safe when you nice with the ink
All my beef come with french fries and a drink
Nobody want it can you blame 'em though?
When you see me scream W-A after the Y-A-O

[Chorus: DJ Premier scratching (Sheek Louch) {Sample Of Lil' Fame}]
You love my style this is not what you used to (Yeah!)
You-you-you-you love-love-l-l-love my style
Sing-Sing like Bilal!

[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
Waddup, yo I gotchu!
Yo, waddup Joell-ah, Donnie wavy like a cell-ar
I heard a lotta rappers, but none of them are realer than me
Who's he? Donnie G.
Still popu-lar, rooftop one binocul-ar
Watchin over my state, 45 featherweight
Watchin over my plate, Audemar and the fast cars causin men hate
Who's the hottest now? That's an easy debate
Either way like 6 o'clock, Donnie's straight
I can easily go back to that Mary and Kate
White girl and be outside, very late
Nope! - I got a mill-ion of stash
Got a dream that Barack told me to take it out in cash
Bake's about to crash, shades on my eyes
'Cause I mixed it up with hash, hah yeah!
Witness greatness, take a flick
I run New York and it's not on a heating stick

[Chorus: DJ Premier scratching]
You-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You love my style
Y-Y-You-lo-lo-love-m-my-my-st-sty-style-ca-cause-I'm-n-not what you used to

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