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Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Say Yes Lyrics
If God, came to you
And asked you, "Will you give me your all?"
Would you say yes?


Lord I'm all yours, forgive me for all flaws
There's so many, there's so many, there's so many, there's so many
There's so many, there's so many, I've been disobeyin yo' laws
I've been livin life how I felt, I've been sayin yes when I want
I've been dippin into temptation, it was that fool's gold that I'd flaunt
It was them devil riches I seeked, it was all of your jewels that I lost
Lord I wanna take this time to thank you, even when I started drivin off course
You ain't let me crash into that wall, feel like I was never drivin at all
I felt yo' hands all on that wheel, heard yo' voice in every dope deal
Saw yo' light in every dark thought, I was out here ignorin your will
I left yo' side but you ain't leave mine, how many times I said "It's the last time"?
Lord I just gotta get off this last time, I'm a get a job, save every last dime
I lied to my God, life is so hard, one of my most used excuses
For me to just, hold tools and live ruthless, buyin that ProTools was just useless
Dust collectin, wait a f*ckin second, I just cussed cause check it, even though I'm rappin
Lot of blessings happen, it feel like I'm slappin even more than before, am I disrespectin
When I'm spittin this message every time I can? Will my fans accept it? Should I even care?
Still second guessin when I know what's first, I'm a miss this blessin, man I'm just confessin
Yeah I'm out the hood but e'rything ain't good (e'rything ain't good, but e'rything ain't good)

There's so many, there's so many, there's so many
There's so many things that I could

Be out here doin and knowin that I should and if it's not gettin done, I'm addin more wood
To the fire I'm a burn in later, when I turn the savior gon' be standin there like "You would
Be in my kingdom, but I was singin, and your ears was ringin, you would feel that tinglin
Kinda scratch it off, and continue minglin in a party drinkin, all that unclean thinkin
While they blastin off, your new record felt good now, didn't it? You was on fire, now it's infinite"
Man I'm gettin scared as I'm writin this, but I'm quiet in the flame as I'm spittin it
See this is my deliverance, for the first time I ain't only talkin, I'm livin it
No more layin down with women just lustin disgusting, trust me my faith is unlimited
No more postin and pivotin on blocks like I'm gettin it, countin dividends
Work up in the Timberlands, servin 'em like Wimbleton, hurtin my community worse, every person I distributed
I attributed to they spirit givin in, so every time they sin again that's another strike for me
Can't believe that kind of livin was aight with me, man F*CK my life, they say life's a B
Guess I was f*ckin her too, no surprise to me, since I was handin out pipe for free
5-foot-3, nice physique, hop up in the ride with me and lean back in the driver's seat
Every night with a stranger, but look how I changed up, I'm chillin on the road, got my wife with me
And my boobie's smooth while all the groupies drooled, she just smilin and enjoyin this life with me
But see lyin to God has only lied to me, so Lord, them dopeboys still tied to me
I ain't buyin ki's but they'll die for me and I'll die for them, that feels right to me
If I'm wrong keep your scrawnies [?] and fight for me, I got a little bit of Christ in me
But I ain't perfect, I feel that worship for your word as it grows inside of me
But I feel guilty cause though I feel it I don't fully embrace it, man I just conceal it
'Til we all alone and then my knees get filthy as I drop before you like "Lord, you feel me?
You must think I'm silly, even I don't feel me, " feel like I'm actin while my conscience filming
Feel like my soul is sayin "Joell, really?" Feel like my soul is sayin "Joell, really?!"
There's so many, there's so many, there's so many, there's so many
Things I gotta fix for any of your joy really fulfills me
Forgive me Lord, man

Say yes, ohhhhh
Say yes, say yes
Say yes, ohhhhh

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