Joell Ortiz - Phone (Skit) Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Phone (Skit) Lyrics
[Joell Ortiz (unnamed female)]
What? (Why are you hangin up the phone on me?)
Cause I'm not feelin you no more yo
I knew it was like this, I knew you was playin games
(F*CK! That is not true, hello)
(I don't even hear from you)
WHAT THE F*CK YOU WANT ME TO DO? I'm a f*ckin rapper
(I don't hear from you)
(And, you gave me a f*ckin snotty attitude the other day)
(So what the hell I'm supposed to, think?)
You f*ckin run around shakin your little
You f*ckin, round around shakin
your little f*ckin ass at these, nightclubs
and then you f*ckin call me when you feel like it
I can't go through it yo
(And you wasn't with nobody in the nightclub?)
(Cause you was with a whole bunch of chicks)

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