Joell Ortiz - Music Saved My Life Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Music Saved My Life Lyrics
[Joell Ortiz:]
Uhh, yeah
Early on I knew I was a fan
Hummed the ice cream truck beat holdin momma's hand
Told 'em to turn it up in the dollar van
Nobody moonwalked better in they pajama pants
I used to try to tap like Gregory Hines
"Lean On Me" word for word, I knew every line
My moms blast that Anita Baker
No wonder I can bake it with a piece of paper
Yeah, lookin back, daddy left bad
It was cool though, music was my step-dad
I was raised by Stevie Wonder
Lionel Richie, Luther and all the Jackson brothers
Used to close my eyes and see far away
On harder days I would chop it up with Marvin Gaye
It was just a matter of time
I took a crack at a rhyme and worked this magic of mine

[Chorus: Mally Stakz (Joell Ortiz)]
So when I felt like doin wrong, you helped me get it right
And when I felt like givin up, you gave me one more try
And when I felt like it was over, you didn't let me die
No, you didn't let me die; music, you saved my life
(So many different artists I get soul from) Yeah
(Still I move to the beat of my own drum) Music, you saved my life
(I'm an avenue and street away where Hov from) Ohhh
(Rest in peace Biggie Smalls, baby baby!) Music, you saved my life

Yo, uhh
Rocked a wave cap and bumpin gangsta rap
I grew up in an era where it was the thing to trap
It was the world that I was always angry at
A maniac full of rage with nowhere to aim it at
We came up in the hood but everybody ain't adapt
My parents did the best they could, I do my best to pay 'em back
I'll pay 'em back first, let me take it back
Wasn't no fashion, just airbrushed shirts and faded slacks
If you could do a lil' better you'd rock a Coogi sweater
All we knew was the hustle, we never knew no better
"Get it crunk" was the phrase, everyone could relate
We thought it'd last forever, who'd knew we'd be just a phase?
They labeled me a delinquent
Wasn't nothin that the teacher ever could teach me
It's a miracle I ain't get caught in this street shit
If it wasn't for hip-hop, I wouldn't be breathin


[Joell Ortiz:]
Somebody pinch me, this can't be life
All these big cameras and fancy lights
Man, this must be a mistake (why?)
Just yesterday my mother cuttin the cake
On my 10th birthday she told me to make a wish
Here I am now surrounded by all of this (all of this)
Man, what a crazy life
Music, you really saved my life
You really saved my, life!


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