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Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Incredible Lyrics
[Intro: Barrington Levy]
Ohhhhhhohhhoh-whoa, ohh-whoa
Thank you Jah for everything
Thank you God for everything
Thank you for your blessings
OHH-ohhh-whoa [scatting]

[Joell Ortiz]
The first time I ever saw me all over again
Lizay[?] - I told her that I know it's a him
I remember pickin him up and folded him in
my arms, I stared long, I was soakin it in
I wanted to take him home right then, show him his crib
Put his lil' pajamas on, tuck in his bib
Walk him around his room, he wasn't much of a crier
So he ain't really suck a pacifier
I couldn't wait 'til he stepped out that walker
Even though when he did she crept out to Georgia
Them first couple of years, it was torture
But it ain't about that right now, I forgive her
And she no longer keeps me away from my lil' nigga
I see him e'ry summer and holidays in the winter
I can't believe he 10, wow~!
I thank you for him every second, but let me thank you again now

[Chorus: Barrington Levy (Joell Ortiz)]
Why, what you gave to me is so incredible!
(It's so wonderful Lord)
Why, what you gave to me is so incredible!
(Words can not explain)
Why, what you gave to me is so incredible!
(My two lil' boys)
Why, what you gave to me is so incredible!
(Lizay, Jariq)

[Joell Ortiz]
The second time I ever saw me all over again
Jariq[?] - my oldest got a bro to defend
Chubby as can be, hair fuzzy, he's Jariq
Lil' loudmouth had me jumpin out my sleep
Give him somethin to eat, burp him and lay him down
Watch him doze off, but first he would play around
He's still a clown - he pulls up his pants
Do this funny-ass dance, I swear I be on the ground
I just spoke to him on the horn
He said "Daddy, guess what? I wrote a song!"
I said "Let me hear it," he said "Nope! It's too long"
I said "Oh you wrong," man our bond is so strong
I 'member the eye contact we first made
Now look at him, school bus to first grade
Can't believe he's 7, wow!
Thank you for him every second, got another gift from heaven now


[Joell Ortiz]
Uhh, what you gave to me
The two reasons that I grind faithfully
The two people that make too much not enough
There's not much to discuss, two fingers go up
If it don't benefit them I ain't tryin to chat
My life and sacrifice, man they why I rap
Why I go everywhere and record like I'm wire tapped
Why I'ma hold up a few awards for these fire tracks
Said I wouldn't spoil 'em, that ended mad quick
I get 'em e'rything, cause I ain't have shit
When they smile, whatever I was mad with
gets tucked away like a fade on my ad libs
Glad my grandmoms got to see 'em grow
Argue with my moms cause, she be tryin keep 'em yo
I be havin to take my kids back
Thank you for 'em e'ry day cause when you made them, you did that


[Joell repeats his sons' names to fade]

[Outro: Novel]
What you gave to me
And you gave to me, you gave
What you gave to me
What you gave to me, so incredible
You gave to me, yeah yeah
What you gave to me, yeahhhh
Ohhh, yeah yeah [fades out]

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