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House Slippers Album Lyrics
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House Slippers

One two one two
Turn this thing up a lil' bit, yeah
For those who been wonderin what's goin on with Joell Ortiz
It's a lot man, a lot

Feels like I finally found my (House Slippers)
My mind was goin, I stood around niggaz
Wearin this poker face like I'm holdin aces
That so wasn't the case, this
business is such a business, don't take it personal
It's more than these beats and lettin verses go
Don't end up locked in and whylin
Like a deaf person buyin a Roley better watch what you signin
Freedom is overrated until they take it
When it's gone feel like nothin can replace it
Shakin the hand that's feedin you but you hate it
Disappointed in meetings cause of your weight, just
imagine this man with your career in his hands
Givin a f*ck about your fans; he just lookin at that black and white
Seein you ain't sell too well
You tryin to tell him that you was on an indie that wasn't actin right
He don't care, them numbers f*cked up his appetite
Your past just f*cked you twice like a hermaphrodite
You watchin niggaz win who ain't half as nice
Faced with the choice of givin in or hit the pad and write
But see, the fans can't know
So you leakin freestyles and you nailed that flow
Kids leavin out of venues like, "He killed that show!"
Screamin YAOWA everywhere but you ain't on that though
Your loved ones sick all in the mist of this
Watchin moms shoot insulin is ridiculous
Your son got a mask on, his asthma bad
His older brother actin up cause he don't have his dad
The grind took forever but it happened fast
Listen close y'all, it happened fast
Red-Eye flights out to Cali, sign to Aftermath
Come back and sign to Koch, you and Allen laugh
You drop a album over here, left the label over there
Finally let it go y'all, the past's the past
Sorry for the delay on your order
But even in my off time I ran around the world with the Slaughter
My alter, ego is a quarter
of the best rap group but I'm back to bein me, yeah the Puerto
Rican, niggaz standin on the corner
with that work for the fiends who wanna hear him more maturer
Story from a project nigga, a New Yorker
Gettin money with the I'll-still-f*ck-a-nigga-up-quick aura
Man, this ain't for radio play
This for the Radio Raheems who let their radio play
For the heads on the neck clickin, lookin for the best writtens
Turnin to their man like, "You hear what he say?"
Y'all niggaz tryna recreate back in the days
I'm just tryin to rap my ass off
Hopin maybe I'll impress a few niggaz from back in the day
Because I'm finishin these new niggaz that's rappin today
You turn this up, but not too loud niggaz
Feels like I finally found my (House Slippers)
["House Slippers" echoes and fades out]


Cold World

I got money on my hip
Man, this is a cold world
And the suckers want me dead
Damn, this is a cold world
Cause all I see is hate
And their eyes promise they won't be too far
Man, ain't this a cold world?

This is a shivering cold, freaky below
Listen, the nigga are frozen
But did you know
That it could explode?
Man you can get the hate
You can get the play
She shows her body nowhere to tell

Respect that you drop the weapon
Don't try to hide it
Come off the rocks from your neck
You better watch it, you sexin'
We beat the opposite sex
This is how the story gets told

I got money on my hip
Man, this is a cold world
And the suckers want me dead
Damn, this is a cold world
Cause all I see is hate
And their eyes promise they won't be too far
Man, ain't this a cold world?

Live your life on the street
While you're trying to eat
The dodge is dying to keep the ball
I'm so cold I kill the heat
The shit I did
Don't tell the person you were as a kid
I'm afraid a man could come
I'm just praying to my momma
The scenarios were playing in my head
All my pain is gone
Though it ain't nothing to fear
But I feel like

I got money on my hip
Man, this is a cold world
And the suckers want me dead
Damn, this is a cold world
Cause all I see is hate
And their eyes promise they won't be too far
Man, ain't this a cold world?


Dream On

They consider this shit backpacking when a nigga just love rapping
Club packing, word flipping acronym acrobating
Verb spitting and nouns only your mind fathom
Synchronize with the drum on Ill Mind pattern
Long as I got this beat in heart, I'm ripping beats apart
I ain't know myself when [?], and still piece of art
No frat boys, no skinny jeans
I'm more like the Fat Boys and Heavy D
In '86 spitting free in the park
I've been patiently waiting
Busting my brain and creating this album making a statement
Its understatement, I'm taking rap flow to plateau
These assholes you clap fo'
Just can't go they mad slow this fast forward
Thinking [?] we skipping pass those
Theatrical fiascoes in your whack show
I'm baffled by the skill you niggas lack though
Choruses repeating, its boring whatchu speaking
I'm at war with all you heathens
I'm a warrior emceeing. Man I'm killing 'em

"He's back give him room to breath"
"Ortiz don't confuse me with these other cats"
"The best across the board" "New York"
"When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak"
"He's back give him room to breath"
"Be proud of me and coming up in rap"
"The best across the board"
"When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak"

Niggas tiptoe all around me, bunch of ballerinas
I see ya'll calling out of work with the coward fever
Shit, I wouldn't want it with the Yaowa either
Nigga line a hundred niggas up and watch a hundred niggas drop
In hundred different spot, bunch of Dalmatians
I play this fire in my drive when I'm riding through your block
Lifting everybody up call that salvation

"He's back give him room to breath"
"Ortiz don't confuse me with these other cats"
"The best across the board" "New York"
"When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak"
"He's back give him room to breath"
"JO E double L O"
"Another Yaowa champ when I touch the mic"
"When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak"

I deliver you from either when you're listening to yo' speakers turned up
Like the club, yeah I get in with my sneakers and my workout [?]
Feel my dick through these Adidas sweatpants
I don't dance, two stepping with a leader of whateva
But whateva though I'm clever so ya'll never know
When I'mma lead [?] kicking better flow

Dan dan dan dan, I'm telling ya'll its about to go down


Music Saved My Life

[Joell Ortiz:]
Uhh, yeah
Early on I knew I was a fan
Hummed the ice cream truck beat holdin momma's hand
Told 'em to turn it up in the dollar van
Nobody moonwalked better in they pajama pants
I used to try to tap like Gregory Hines
"Lean On Me" word for word, I knew every line
My moms blast that Anita Baker
No wonder I can bake it with a piece of paper
Yeah, lookin back, daddy left bad
It was cool though, music was my step-dad
I was raised by Stevie Wonder
Lionel Richie, Luther and all the Jackson brothers
Used to close my eyes and see far away
On harder days I would chop it up with Marvin Gaye
It was just a matter of time
I took a crack at a rhyme and worked this magic of mine

[Chorus: Mally Stakz (Joell Ortiz)]
So when I felt like doin wrong, you helped me get it right
And when I felt like givin up, you gave me one more try
And when I felt like it was over, you didn't let me die
No, you didn't let me die; music, you saved my life
(So many different artists I get soul from) Yeah
(Still I move to the beat of my own drum) Music, you saved my life
(I'm an avenue and street away where Hov from) Ohhh
(Rest in peace Biggie Smalls, baby baby!) Music, you saved my life

Yo, uhh
Rocked a wave cap and bumpin gangsta rap
I grew up in an era where it was the thing to trap
It was the world that I was always angry at
A maniac full of rage with nowhere to aim it at
We came up in the hood but everybody ain't adapt
My parents did the best they could, I do my best to pay 'em back
I'll pay 'em back first, let me take it back
Wasn't no fashion, just airbrushed shirts and faded slacks
If you could do a lil' better you'd rock a Coogi sweater
All we knew was the hustle, we never knew no better
"Get it crunk" was the phrase, everyone could relate
We thought it'd last forever, who'd knew we'd be just a phase?
They labeled me a delinquent
Wasn't nothin that the teacher ever could teach me
It's a miracle I ain't get caught in this street shit
If it wasn't for hip-hop, I wouldn't be breathin


[Joell Ortiz:]
Somebody pinch me, this can't be life
All these big cameras and fancy lights
Man, this must be a mistake (why?)
Just yesterday my mother cuttin the cake
On my 10th birthday she told me to make a wish
Here I am now surrounded by all of this (all of this)
Man, what a crazy life
Music, you really saved my life
You really saved my, life!



Brothers Keeper

They say blood thicker than water
But love thicker than blood
That's all I'm sayin'
Ay, you ain't even gotta look, look too far man
If y'all niggas need the YAOWA the YAOWA's there, I'm on call
Speed dial me
Quick question

Are you my brothers keeper?
Am I your brothers keeper?
Are you my brothers keeper?
Am I your brothers keeper?
(My brothers I keep 'em close and I'mma keep on keepin')

[Verse 1 - Joell Ortiz:]
This shit done left music, we just fam now
Man I done brought niggas around who give a f*ck 'bout rhyming
Gave 'em that look so y'all don't know but that's your man now
My shooters is yours, extra hands out
But not a hand-out
Nickle, you had me feelin' fly up in the No Fly
Walkin' through that Motorcity Inn like I was multi
Goons on both sides, somebody sneeze that nigga daddy wear a bow tie
And Crook, I'm always comfortable on your side
Sauce you a Boss, Horseshoe what it do?
C-Style hold ya head, Tray Deee can't wait to meet you
And Jumpoff, when that whole shit jumped off, I ain't gon name no names
But yeah I hoped that I ain't come off grimy but dawgs I f*ck wit them niggas
that's why I never threw my gloves on
Needed to clear that up 'cause that shit been really botherin' me for dumb long
A nigga say something I'll run in that nigga's mouth
To everybody you Budden, to me you my nigga Mouse


[Verse 2 - Crooked I:]
Ring the alarm, we set the world on fire, oh yo!
Chemistry you never seen before
We the four, Well-known plus worth knowing you niggas either or
Even if we was poor never seen a tour
And Eminem didn't put our CD in a convenience store anymore
We can still hit the streets and score
I help us finance our dreams on a triple beam
Never bicker for simple things
Loyalty is royalty with these Shady royalties
I will loyally help you pay all your lawyer fees
It's much deeper than the art of rap
It's realer than me signing a few autographs
Rocking my new slaughter tats
I was raised to keep it G since snap Starter hats
And bury our enemies like artifacts these are the facts
Like Chinese food in the fridge we a cold combination
Slaughter slaughter my whole conversation


[Verse 3 - Royce da 5'9":]
I'mma be mad cold and I'm cut this way, no matter where I'm at
It'll be black roses on Mother's day, on they mama front door mat
You know I'm, I'm quick to jump in front of fire in the line of fire
You ain't got to ask what side I'm on I'm going homicide
May I simply cease to exist if I should be a bitch
If you should die and I should stay behind we actually a switch
As far as passing you a chick, you get the alley-oop you ask for the assist
This is a fact, it's more than rap to me it's
More serious than holding a loaded gat to me I sold my soul to a bottle of Patron
And my favorite uncle died of an illness alchy related then he stole it back from me
And now he up in heaven like neph, you owe it back to me
I was taught that too much talking will make you fall faster
My actions show that I'm real I ain't got to broadcast it
I called you and said that I had to fall back I had to recover
And here we are, that's for my brothers


[Verse 4 - Joe Budden:]
Look, the love I got for ya'll goes unsaid
Was there when me and shorty unwed
For that I'm always down to pump lead
We formed a bond against the cowards
Only grew over time in the studio for hours
And tours with no showers, and towns I never heard of was no small fort
But we was all sports, Slaughterhouse t-shirts in our ball shorts
Quik all that other shit, thats just other shit
Love is love, we ain't even gotta discuss this shit
The part that's sick G?
My brothers love me so much, I think their punch hit ya'll harder than it hit me
Four of the best in the world, I put a M on it
And if that ain't enough I'm putting Em on it
We back to hogtying beats up and stepping on it
Back on our old shit just like Nino Bless is on it
Crowds screaming, the fans can get excited
And oh, as far as that question? I won't even dignify it



Q & A

Let me tell you what I'ma do today
Today is just me and you, you and I for a Q and A
I know the questions you gon' ask, all I'ma do is say
what's on my mind; I'm just, tellin you why

This ain't, snapback meets New Era
This new era gets smacked 'til they necks snap back and that goes for whoever
I ain't done workin, I'm just one person
that promise to keep this shit pure, like a young virgin
Your dumb version of hip-hop got us uncertain
Your daughter dress like a nigga, nigga your son's twerkin
I'm still a two-stepper, steppin with two heffers
Still step to your crew extra quick, that's what I do, let's just
tell 'em why I'm such a thoroughbred
Born and raised in that Brook', you shook, look what my borough bred


All this, time away from workin solo, snappin photos
with my bro-bros and the Slaughter's been an honor but I'm back to dolo
Feet is Nike, the hat is Polo, I'm no fashion logo
No gay bashin but if you tough then don't be actin homo
Let me tell y'all why I hit the tread
Wasn't to lose weight and get this bread, nah homie, you've been misled
Last year I shot a fair one with my nigga Fred
and damn near dropped dead, I should've won but I got whipped instead
I ain't like that so I stopped that liquor to the head
Dropped the Newports, copped new shorts and watched my figure shred
Y'all cuffin chickenheads
Speakin of cuffs, I made this slut marry my nigga in the Feds to give him visit head
Man let me tell y'all why I'm real rap
Why I don't need a rope chain or dress like Soul Train to bring that feel back


This for those who ain't know that Ortiz spit clean
It's e'ry lil' girl birthday, here's a +Sweet Sixteen+
Went from a 40 waist to a 3-6 jean
But that 40's still on my waist with a mean sixteen
But I ain't here to talk how I protect myself
Or how I lived in the gym last year to perfect my health
Nah, we could rap off, I'll off you rap niggaz with a rap off
the top, I ain't wrapped too tight, back off!
Off the back door into the bleachers, hit the teacher off the backboard
and in, y'all in the in-crowd but mad off
Y'all God and Mike in tight slacks
with hard bottoms, hit the bottom hard after you moonwalk like Mike Jack'
Huh, B-R-B, I don't mean I'll be right back
I mean B, y'all R&B singin, I write RAPS!
"But Ortiz, you went all complex and said the shit!"
Yeah you right, aight cool, let me extend the clip
Penmanship, my pen is sick, you in the pen's then hit the bench and lift
Chest against the bar and do a extra six
E'ry year it's some new nigga they put the best against
Put they neck on the line but I twist it up like "The Exorcist"
If I'm your comp I understand why you a pessimist
Point blank with an infrared scope, bet these pests'll piss
they pants, can't shoot at Godzilla, man them pellets itch
The fire that be leavin my mouth'll melt your whole relevence
You lil' niggaz, lil' boys is cute
My bars hard, they hurt like Ray Mercer, you don't want it duke
So save the subs for Quiznos, keep the talkin mute
Cause I'll punch you in your big nose and watch your faucet shoot
Y'all chasin pop hits, F*CK a pop hit
One of my joints pop? Sheeit, another check deposit!



Get Down

Get down, Yeaaah

Ohh, wave at me baby I'm wavy
White Tee and yankee is navy
JOE L L, yeah I'm jiggling baby
Picking up ladies in the cinnamon Cedes
A1 flow I'm out here getting this gravy
Steak out my crib, turn you into a flea me
You ain't got [?], I've been lifting this eighty
I turn your selfie into a pic in The Daily
News know the rules, boy my city is crazy
Empire state with the liberty lady
The towers drop but them twins still around
Twin Glocks fourtie or these twin four pounds
Who wanna dance I spin you around
Bring you back and kiss you goodbye with a round

Ahh, now shorty how that sound
I know you're from outta town round here
That's how we get down
You're in the city that shoot
Beside these bitches nothing really that cute
We get down
We don't play at the [?]
One band two band shaking the spot
We get down
Ain't nothing bummy around here
Girlfriend we getting money around here
This is how we get down
Ain't nothing funny around here
Girlfriend a lot of money around here
This is how we get down

Anywhere I'm at is the turner (turner)
They scream turn down, I'm yelling for what? (for what)
Winter time I turn the collar of my fur up
Summer time top down flipping birds up
Trying to tell these niggas, now I'm stunning on 'em word up
F*ck it I'm that nigga when it comes to f*cking words up
Move without security, and post on any curb yep
Tryina bust a move and watch the eagle lift a bird up
Any now I wanna lift a bird up
Break her off crazy have her shaking like a nerve suck
Looking at her in the corner all curled up
Gave her the Anaconda now its curled up
Pimp juice I should be Jheri curled up
Dripping from all this game that I'm kicking like the world cup


It's a whole lot money around here
Baby girl we get gully around here
I don't know how they got down there
But trust me we get it popping around here

Pop up pop bottles and pop ya'll ladies
Nah I don't pop molly cause I get crazy
I pop they pop, them nines pop baby
Pop off, nah pap's for real we don't play, Paa!
I get it live so easy, nah I don't mean do this for TV
But you see me
I make these bitches do the Houdini
Having reappear in the Feegies in bikinis
You mad, you got it bad boy face facts
Do it big take a nice puff and tell her take that


Say Yes

If God, came to you
And asked you, "Will you give me your all?"
Would you say yes?


Lord I'm all yours, forgive me for all flaws
There's so many, there's so many, there's so many, there's so many
There's so many, there's so many, I've been disobeyin yo' laws
I've been livin life how I felt, I've been sayin yes when I want
I've been dippin into temptation, it was that fool's gold that I'd flaunt
It was them devil riches I seeked, it was all of your jewels that I lost
Lord I wanna take this time to thank you, even when I started drivin off course
You ain't let me crash into that wall, feel like I was never drivin at all
I felt yo' hands all on that wheel, heard yo' voice in every dope deal
Saw yo' light in every dark thought, I was out here ignorin your will
I left yo' side but you ain't leave mine, how many times I said "It's the last time"?
Lord I just gotta get off this last time, I'm a get a job, save every last dime
I lied to my God, life is so hard, one of my most used excuses
For me to just, hold tools and live ruthless, buyin that ProTools was just useless
Dust collectin, wait a f*ckin second, I just cussed cause check it, even though I'm rappin
Lot of blessings happen, it feel like I'm slappin even more than before, am I disrespectin
When I'm spittin this message every time I can? Will my fans accept it? Should I even care?
Still second guessin when I know what's first, I'm a miss this blessin, man I'm just confessin
Yeah I'm out the hood but e'rything ain't good (e'rything ain't good, but e'rything ain't good)

There's so many, there's so many, there's so many
There's so many things that I could

Be out here doin and knowin that I should and if it's not gettin done, I'm addin more wood
To the fire I'm a burn in later, when I turn the savior gon' be standin there like "You would
Be in my kingdom, but I was singin, and your ears was ringin, you would feel that tinglin
Kinda scratch it off, and continue minglin in a party drinkin, all that unclean thinkin
While they blastin off, your new record felt good now, didn't it? You was on fire, now it's infinite"
Man I'm gettin scared as I'm writin this, but I'm quiet in the flame as I'm spittin it
See this is my deliverance, for the first time I ain't only talkin, I'm livin it
No more layin down with women just lustin disgusting, trust me my faith is unlimited
No more postin and pivotin on blocks like I'm gettin it, countin dividends
Work up in the Timberlands, servin 'em like Wimbleton, hurtin my community worse, every person I distributed
I attributed to they spirit givin in, so every time they sin again that's another strike for me
Can't believe that kind of livin was aight with me, man F*CK my life, they say life's a B
Guess I was f*ckin her too, no surprise to me, since I was handin out pipe for free
5-foot-3, nice physique, hop up in the ride with me and lean back in the driver's seat
Every night with a stranger, but look how I changed up, I'm chillin on the road, got my wife with me
And my boobie's smooth while all the groupies drooled, she just smilin and enjoyin this life with me
But see lyin to God has only lied to me, so Lord, them dopeboys still tied to me
I ain't buyin ki's but they'll die for me and I'll die for them, that feels right to me
If I'm wrong keep your scrawnies [?] and fight for me, I got a little bit of Christ in me
But I ain't perfect, I feel that worship for your word as it grows inside of me
But I feel guilty cause though I feel it I don't fully embrace it, man I just conceal it
'Til we all alone and then my knees get filthy as I drop before you like "Lord, you feel me?
You must think I'm silly, even I don't feel me, " feel like I'm actin while my conscience filming
Feel like my soul is sayin "Joell, really?" Feel like my soul is sayin "Joell, really?!"
There's so many, there's so many, there's so many, there's so many
Things I gotta fix for any of your joy really fulfills me
Forgive me Lord, man

Say yes, ohhhhh
Say yes, say yes
Say yes, ohhhhh


Better Than (She Said)



[GiGi Daai:]
This is a story about love
About the beauty of havin it
And the agony of losin it

[Joell Ortiz:]
Nah, those ain't his kids, but shit they might as well be
He kept food on that table, made sure they was nice and healthy
They got a dead-beat father, but such a stand-up daddy
He can't figure out why his children's mom is so unhappy
He notice little things, she's startin arguments more often
And he ain't comin home to that plate of food like before when
everything was new and every night was tender love and care
Now he layin down on this side, she way the f*ck over there
Can't even look in his eyes, missin the way she stared
as he told her how he felt while his fingers ran through her hair
No communication, they whole relationship's hi and bye
He used to hate shoppin with her, now everything's buy and fly
The other day he asked himself, "You just sittin here cryin, why?
Them tears won't make you see things clear, nigga dry your eyes
Y'all best friends, this was built on a lot of lovin
You wanna get back to the top? Get to the bottom of this"

[Joell Ortiz:]
It don't feel too good on the wake up
No breakfast cookin, you could smell the scent of break-up
Time just runnin by while his heart is yellin "Wait up!"
How they still together but he prayin that they make up
It don't feel too good in the evening
No dinner cooked, you could smell the scent of deceivin
E'rybody home, still he feels all alone
And he did what no man should ever do, he went through shorty phone

[Joell Ortiz:]
Smiley face, L-O-L
"I miss you, when I'm seein you again boy, what the hell?"
And he replied, "Hey boo, you know I miss you as well
I just can't play this game no longer, now give that boy his farewell"
And she replied "I know but.." - homie could read no more
Threw her iPhone on the floor and let out the most hurtful roar
Then she walked in the door and said "Baby, are you okay?"
He said, "Bitch I ain't your baby, what games is you try and play?"
Held up her phone like "Really? This what you doin while I'm away
bustin my ass, takin care of them bills that you never pay?"
And all she had to say was "You went through my phone?" It's fine
He's screamin "How 'bout the kids?" She yellin "Well those is mine!"
The love turned into hate and the hate turned to despise
all in a matter of seconds, he wanted her not alive
Threw his hand around her neck and squeezed, she coughin for her breath
He lost it, wants to lay her in that coffin for a rest
Suddenly, she starts to feel the air restorin in her chest
His lil' boy is on her right side, his daughter on her left
They cryin, she cryin, he cryin, what a mess
Lookin around like "Man, none of this shit is right" and so he left
Filled his gas tank up and then came flyin out that Hess
Drivin while he's stressed, no kinda destination but my guess
is he ain't care where he was goin and how long it took to get there
His heart and soul was weak, he on the local streets in fifth gear
I was wrong though, he knew where he was goin and just why
He pulled up to that lake where they had met that one July
Lookin in his rear-view at a life that looks so dry
The water seem refreshin so he floored it, and told the world goodbye

[Joell Ortiz:]
His loved ones filled his wake up
Tears steady drippin, people trippin on the way up
They view him in that casket hopin maybe he would wake up
His suit is extra sharp, they did a good job on his make-up
Don't feel too good on this evening
A lot of dinner cookin, smell a scent of flowers breathin
Packed funeral home, still he feels all alone
Cause he did what no man should ever do, he went through shorty phone

[GiGi Daai:]
It's wrong so hard
It's wrong so hard
It's wrong, it's wrong
Everybody knows it's wrong

Baby? Baby?

"The PCS telephone number you dialed is temporarily not in service.
Message five-sixty-one, three."




[Chorus - Mally Stakz:]
I call her Candy (Candy)
My honey bun, my sugar pie
My Candy (Candy)
She give me everything I want
I call her Candy (I call her Candy)
And if it all came crashin down
I still got Candy (I still got Candy)
My Candy girl (Candy girl, yeah)

[Joell Ortiz:]
That's right
Uhh, my sweet lil' some'in some'in
No matter what, I ain't givin baby up for nuttin
Cause she was there when Joell was just a motherf*ckin
tryin to rap basketball player, try and hustle onions
Y'all don't know what we been through, it wasn't simple
She was bringin them ends through when it was rent due
I would scoop her from uptown inside that rental
Drive gentle, niggaz starin cause she a ten too
Flyest thing on the block, had to bag her up
She look soft but hard-body, I be crackin up (haha)
My lil' boo be doin big things
Shorty got a bunch of nicknames
But I


[Joell Ortiz:]
Yup, uhh
We maneuvered around the ups and downs
Them times I ain't go to pick her up I was f*ckin 'round
She still put all that money up when they was comin down-
-town to bail me out when I bailed on her for a couple pounds
She bought me all my Air Max's and I would run the town
Spinnin Pun around in my CD player and bubble down
If it wasn't for shorty-wop y'all wouldn't love my sound
Candy funded all of my early work on the underground
Before the red-eye flights and all the limelight
I lived the high life baby, she had my mind right
24/7 from A.M. until the twilight
Baby made sure I was aight


[Mally Stakz:]
Say you're my Candy girl
Ooh girl you rock my world
I know you love me
Can't nobody take you from me, nah
Say you're my Candy girl
Ooh girl you rock my world
I know you love me
Can't nobody take you from me, nah nah

[Joell Ortiz:]
It's hard to find a love like this y'all
We hung out on that sixth floor when I was piss poor
Tired the elevator broke and it was piss all
on the staircase so we stepped it up, they was pissed off
Cause you turn "I hope that" into a cold fact
They watched them dirty Bo Jack's become a gold Ac'
I'm married to a new bitch and shorty know that
But she'll be ready if I go back!



Crack Spot

Water, jar, coke, soda
Fire, pot, stir, slower
Ice, fluff, whip, boulder
Dry, cut, bag, over!

Don't tell me that it's [?]
Baby boy, you on the grind, find a back block
Cop a hoopty, go see Louie for a stash spot
I'm posted up until they come and get this last rock
I toast it up wit' my niggas on the strip wit' me
[?] for my good niggas, that's history
Man, I don't check the mail without that fifth wit' me
It's sixteen in that thing and it spit fully!
We out here runnin' from the man, duckin' all them vans
Takin' care of all the homies stuck up in the can
Sittin' in somebody kitchen cuttin' up these grams
If you ain't never seen it, boy you wouldn't understand
Safe in that stash house tuckin' all them bands
Hoodrats watchin' but we pluckin on they hens
Money over hoes, nigga G's up
Lawyer money, pocket money and that re-up

Jackpot, I run the crack spot
Fiends runnin' back and forth to get these blacktops
Jackpot, I run the crack spot
Nobody leavin' 'til the finished wit' that last rock

Ain't a damn thing change, I'm out here gettin' change
It's a part of the game, boy I'm out here in the rain
The hood know my name, boy and my shit ring
Since I don't play no games, boy I let that shit ring
It's rules to this shit, a step by step booklet
To get yo' game on track, not yo' wig pushed back
Yeah I make that coke leave, then make that shit come back
I'm Fat Joe on that stove, gotta get, cook, crack!
I'm tryna get it, let some fiends hit it
Let 'em lean wit' it, make sure they Bean wit' it
If they become a Rocket, then we Hakeem wit' it
Post up e'rywhere and let that Dream wit' it
Hurricane Sandy, I flood the scene wit' it
Yo' white girl dirty, my baby clean wit' it
Environmentalists, I'm gettin green wit' it
And it's never over when everythings finished


I see you gettin' paper, see you out here trappin'
But if you ain't on my team, anything can happen
I ain't out here rappin' to be rappin'
I'm rappin' cause this is the new way of trappin'
Baby boy, I get it crackin'
Get ya head busted, get ya face smacked in
Ya boy so hood, my old lady packin'
Anyway, back to that trap, I ain't slackin'
Just got a new package and broke it into fractions!
Got the block jumpin', Blake Griffen action
You got 'em like CP3, they all passin'
You ain't got that fire, you sellin' wet matches
I don't sell duds, e'rybody blasted
Don't hate me homie, don't hate the game
Hate yo' connect homie, he gave you the 'caine
Or maybe it's yo' wack whip game that's to blame
Or maybe it's just me motherf*cker, I do my thaaang!


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