Joell Ortiz - Candy Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Candy Lyrics

[Chorus - Mally Stakz:]
I call her Candy (Candy)
My honey bun, my sugar pie
My Candy (Candy)
She give me everything I want
I call her Candy (I call her Candy)
And if it all came crashin down
I still got Candy (I still got Candy)
My Candy girl (Candy girl, yeah)

[Joell Ortiz:]
That's right
Uhh, my sweet lil' some'in some'in
No matter what, I ain't givin baby up for nuttin
Cause she was there when Joell was just a motherf*ckin
tryin to rap basketball player, try and hustle onions
Y'all don't know what we been through, it wasn't simple
She was bringin them ends through when it was rent due
I would scoop her from uptown inside that rental
Drive gentle, niggaz starin cause she a ten too
Flyest thing on the block, had to bag her up
She look soft but hard-body, I be crackin up (haha)
My lil' boo be doin big things
Shorty got a bunch of nicknames
But I


[Joell Ortiz:]
Yup, uhh
We maneuvered around the ups and downs
Them times I ain't go to pick her up I was f*ckin 'round
She still put all that money up when they was comin down-
-town to bail me out when I bailed on her for a couple pounds
She bought me all my Air Max's and I would run the town
Spinnin Pun around in my CD player and bubble down
If it wasn't for shorty-wop y'all wouldn't love my sound
Candy funded all of my early work on the underground
Before the red-eye flights and all the limelight
I lived the high life baby, she had my mind right
24/7 from A.M. until the twilight
Baby made sure I was aight


[Mally Stakz:]
Say you're my Candy girl
Ooh girl you rock my world
I know you love me
Can't nobody take you from me, nah
Say you're my Candy girl
Ooh girl you rock my world
I know you love me
Can't nobody take you from me, nah nah

[Joell Ortiz:]
It's hard to find a love like this y'all
We hung out on that sixth floor when I was piss poor
Tired the elevator broke and it was piss all
on the staircase so we stepped it up, they was pissed off
Cause you turn "I hope that" into a cold fact
They watched them dirty Bo Jack's become a gold Ac'
I'm married to a new bitch and shorty know that
But she'll be ready if I go back!


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