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Block Royal Lyrics
Hey yo Carl Blaze tell Screw we did it B R.

If you never ran
Never will
Sit up in the can
Wait it out
Never squeal
Then you Block Royal.
See that the team is fed
When it gotta go down
You aim beam at his head
Then you Block Royal.
It ain't easy being a rider
But I guess sometimes you
Just gotta do wha you gotta.
We're not guaranteed a tomorrow
But when you royality on the block you dyin with honor.

Who practically own your jeans
Play up in X-Bar and deep with Prostyle and Camillo we rep hard.
Screw army B R, B R, B R,
Don't tool on me
We are, we are, we are
More than a million strong, who want what
Hey Carl Blaze just pass we tight already you can get stomped up.
I'm usually calm but I took to many losses last year,
I swear I'm fitted call Akon up.
My Senegal Africans get ta clappin fa niccas yea,
Sit em in ya anthem get it crackin and disappear.
We ain't a CLICK, we ain't a GANG, we a FAMILY
We're in New York, we're in L A, we're in Miami.
We definitely in New Jerz
Where plenty of murders occur
So just splurge
When a nicca says
Yo datz ma word
Free Flav, Cessa, free Jo Lo, free Umph, Mike My, free Joe Joe.


Who V.I.P up in Exit with tha bottle slouchy.
Ain't let us up in Lotus so we tore down Roxy's.
On tha side of tha booth with Enough
See I'm buggin I'm drunk
Shorty ugly but her booty is tuff
And I stays after ass I have ta have sumthin with a bounce
Like a track from Dre at Aftermath.
Somebody said let's slide to Ringside,
It's poppin a 2-Tone
Inside with dat wakatezee they watch out.
Clockin tha way we move
Rockin tha crazy jewels
But God forbid they should plot
We'll be poppin with eighty-two's.
They don't call him A K fa nuthin
What you thinkin bout
He'll lay sumthin down in New York
And take the Lincoln out.
All the way down ta Sweets get a shape up and eat
Call Big Joe walk right in y'all been on line fa weeks.
Dennis line tha freaks so that V I's packed
So I'm probably lyin
When I tell you that I'll be right back.


Yo Joe E Z I told you
Screw saw it
Carl Blaze repped it
You already know how 2-Tone feel about it
Now everybody gonna feel it.
Heavy Hitters got us,
All Pro got us,
We run around ownin tha clubs with Hitless.
New Life is fammo (Big Joe) we don't even know what a club line looks like.
When you Block Royal you walk right in.
How many people?
What you mean how many people?
2-Tone plus seventy-three.

[Joell Ortiz:]

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