Joell Ortiz - Am I A Psycho (Remix) Lyrics

Joell Ortiz Lyrics

Am I A Psycho (Remix) Lyrics
I see you!
I see you looking at me, looking at me
So I ask: am I psycho?
Am I psycho? yeah, I'm a psycho!
I guess I'm a psycho!

Is a cricket making noise outside of my window cell,
I can't concentrate at my'
While reading a book and cooking, some say this is add,
I count every single step I take I like add.
I just removed the breaks of my brand new atv,
And switch the wheels with a bmx that I received in '83.
I'm a' a political naked and say hey!
I totally forgot what I would say,
But it would be mean and they would just scream
And throw the' and tried to chase me'
I used to love the goose, but'
It was actually a tragedy, man'. is crazy!
When everybody's happy, that makes me mad and I get angry,
Everybody said that I'm' I'm not a baby
I just like to have my way and play and say these really good rhymes,
And make you tumble up'

[Chorus: x2]
Am I a psycho?
Am I a psycho?
Yeah, I'm a psycho
I guess I'm a psycho!

Hey, why are you looking at me, hm?
I ain't looking at you, hm?
But I gotta be looking at you, to see that you're looking at me
That's true!
Forget what I just said, may name is ted, you wanna be cool?
Maybe go shoot some pool,
Maybe go swim in a pool,
Maybe will hit the gym, you'll see how much weight I can pull.
I make good', but I ain't so cool and'
But maybe we won't be friends, I'll make your eyeball look azul.
With a left, a right, I'm kicking the fight, let's fight and that it's cool!
Last night I watched the ' that movie it was clear,
Nobody walked across the screen, and I'm the only one the cheer!
Scratching my nuts here, 'beer, hugging my bear,
Dough, a deer, a female deer, rain upon him, run son!
Protect your mom and sister, here they come!
Bring it on you' how dare you test the'
I'll drag your fury ass across the'

[Chorus: x2]
Am I a psycho?
Am I a psycho?
Yeah, I'm a psycho
I guess I'm a psycho!

Here's the line about how I reached my [?] when I rhyme,
[?] ego is nine, I'm a f*cking american psycho.
Lucky number seven, six million'
So seven, leaving skeletons [?]. this reveal post,
[?] I killed him, propped them behind a wheel.
When I ditched his last words, you need to see doctor'
Cannibal, tragic, and more dramatic,'
Defrost the [?] smack the shit out of you and refreeze it,
Call it the first murder remix, kill him, revive him, I'll live him, [?]
You should totally sting that police officer with a sling,
'inside my head and not the police, it sting
Be wrapped around my finger when I'm working on the moon'

[Chorus: x2]
Am I a psycho?
Am I a psycho?
Yeah, I'm a psycho
I guess I'm a psycho!

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