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Stir Of Echoes Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Ayo, the hotter the summer, the cooler the fall
The lesser you stress her, the quicker she call
Now whether you short, or whether she tall
The later you bust, the louder she bawl
Now that was for them, this is for y'all
The more for the little store, the less for the mall
The smarter your plan, the better for all
You fail in the plan, you plannin' to fall
United we stand, divided we fall
The quicker they come, the harder they fall
You straddle defense, pickin' a brawl
You loved by none, hated by all
See eloquent words, never the wise
Keeping it simple, teaching it real
Live by the sword, die by the sword
Swinging for justice, f*ck how you feel
Rappers with deals, tuck in they shines
F*ck the chains, I'm talkin' 'bout rhymes
Maybe they got 'em and maybe they don't
Maybe they spit 'em and maybe they won't
Nevertheless, f*ckin' with mine
Never the best, better with time
Movin' the body, sparkin' the mind
Keepin' the real heads pressin' rewind

I feel good! Ahoooooooo! About Hip-Hop! [x4]
I feel good!

[Verse 2]
Ayo, you feelin' the song, you happy it's yours
You diggin' the cadence, you heard it before
You know it's the freak for many emcees
Maybe ya Kool Keith or maybe it's Breeze
Maybe ya Flava Flav or maybe it's Meli Mel
Or Maybe it's Run or maybe it's L.L.
I'm makin' it mine, ya dissin' it fine
Don't take it too personal, it's only a rhyme
A minute has passed, a sucker was born
One minute you're here, next minute you're gone
If you can predict the shit I'ma say
Initial my name, you know that it's justice
I saw your mistake, don't take it too far
Take kindness for weakness, the man for a star
With either extreme, you're mentally dead,
Take heed to the words, J-Live has just spoken
Ya did it again, you thought I was jokin'
You tryin' to fix, but you know it is broken
You need to sit back, nod your head to the track
And check out the lyrics so you can react

Like this!


[Interlude: Woman Speaking]
Okay, just relax, get very comfortable
Relax, trust me, close your eyes, now just listen for a moment
Listen to the sounds of the room around you
Remember that you are in a studio, a recording studio,
With your name on one mat
You're in the mic booth, you look around
It's one huge empty mic booth
You notice that the walls are painted in black
The mic is black, the windows tinted black
And all you can see is a very old computer screen
Five letters flashing on and off
You can barely see what the letters spell
You lean closer to the screen, the letters become clearer
And the word is rhyme

[Verse 3]
Ayo I'm trapped in the mind of a mad man literally
It's not a metaphor kid, pay attention
Reporting to you live from this first dimension
In the real crowded room, I just want some attention
And since you lack the bright, like high beams at night
The silence of the noise is deafenin' to hear
My lack long vision is the jack of a position
But I can't tell if I'm in the front of the rear
Formless I don't know if I'm a circle or square
Let alone solid liquid or air
I'm completing myself
But can't confirm or deny if I'm actually here
That's quite a f*cked-up predicament, yeah
I fell at home but I gotta escape
This paradox in a box, I'm intent to solve this mystery
I'm made up of dreams and nightmares
Soliloquies, dialogues, arguments
Fantasies, memories, imagery, symmetry, alcohol, history
Love, life, death, joy, remorse and sympathy
Actions, wishes, reactin' and hopin'
But everytime the beat comes the door opens
The out-of-our-body experience is showing me
Jettin' from the exit, the entrance, the outlet
I'm strapplin' through veins, blood vessels and muscle tissue
Till it goes pitch black, and I still don't know if I'm out yet
I wake up from the blackout, finish with the race
Confined in a two-dimensional blank space
Looking back on my original birth place
Now taking the shape of a young black face
Parts of my physical erased and replaced
What was sight and sound is now feel and taste
I **tal a fruit punch laced with toothpaste
I'm shot from a cannon with amazing grace
My identity revealed with the mystery solved
I see my purpose in life as I travel through time
Ridin' the beat through audio wires recording venaire
Waves hit your minds, I'm a J-Live rhyme
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