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Deal Widit Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Today's just another one of those days, I
Had to admit it's not easy being J-Live
My bust this now, the topic to discuss is
It's even harder sometimes just being justice
J-Live's just known to spin a record, spit a verse
Just as Allah's just God of the universe
Which means it's civilized, righteous original man
With knowledge of self and wisdom you can understand
Nothing less, nothing more, nothing holy, nothing pure
Nothing gassed, just steadfast and sure
When something comes up, something goes wrong, something gets done
If there's not a way my will will make one
My plans are planets grown and made from the beginning
But now my game plan's going into extra innings
But if it's a game, that means somebody's winnin'
And if it ain't me? Nah, see, it's gotta be
In this game of life, you score with every breath
The idea's to retire on your own terms
Never undefeated, just with a winning record
So when it's there after you're gone, you're still respected
But now I gotta fall back, it's a transition
It's not a impossible mission, but man listen
I can't say I'm not struggling
Swingin' 9 planets at the same time feels like juggling
Don't get me wrong, and don't get it twisted
I wasn't drafted into this life, I enlisted
Family, business, music, it sweetens the pot
But what I need to know is...

What do you do when you got
20 2 minute tasks and 10 minutes to deal with it? (Ah man, forget it)
What do you do when you got
20 2 minute tasks and 10 minutes to deal with it? (Shouldn'ta bullshitted)
What do you do when you got
20 2 minute tasks and 10 minutes to deal with it? (Stay committed)
What do you do when you got
20 2 minute tasks and 10 minutes to deal with it? (Just deal widit...)

Just deal with it [repeated and scratched]

[Verse 2:]
Sunset, sunrise, son time flies
But is it a fly ride or a fly by?
Most of my moves are long term, I must say
I'm not fly by night, I'm here to stay
I want a fly lifestyle with some fly things
But I won't to the sun with wax wings
You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar
But you better be prepared for the bee stings
Whether you're beehive climbin is 9-to-5'in
Or rhymin', it's all about timin'
Time kills and it don't stand still
Those times where you just can't tell? Well, time will
That's why I got no time to chill
I run late when I save things for later
I deal with it, I'll with it in the last minute
It's like I'm some professional -crastinator!
But I still can't let time swallow me
Truth is, if I master equality
It'll all add up in the end
But I can't pretend these bad decisions don't follow me
Sunrise, sunset, sun gets your shit done
Deadlines take all the fun from...
Things that shouldn't even feel like work
Now work your nerves cause time waits for no one!
So it's time that I own up to it
From time I wasted to time's up, I run to it
It's not supposed to be easy bein' me
But I shouldn't make it harder on myself when I gotta do it!
So I'm hard on myself so I can go from sayin'
'I'm used to it' to sayin 'I used to do it'
But today as I'm goin' through it
There's only one thing left to say...


Just deal with it [repeated and scratched]
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