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All Of The Above Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Yo yo yo
Right about now your mind is mine and,
my mind is yours, if you down for the cause
that I'm kickin in effect is effective music
Let it blink at the street like your first slow stick and go
Right about now my mind is mine and
my mind is yours, to enjoy the shinin'
I'm inclined to give more than just a piece of my mind at love
See this is all of the above
Yo, right about now, my mind is yours and,
Your mind is yours, for a gain or a loss,
Whether accept or reject, perfect or defect
Turn up or rewind, turn down and eject
The point is, you're free as a bird
I know this because somehow someway is this shit you heard
And the time and the place where bullshit's preferred
The odds of even oppurtunity is absurd
But yo, right about now I'm on your dial
your deck, your straight table, and oh yeah, your mind
Even physically consider me the sweat on your nose
The tone in your voice, the funk in your toes
The chill in your spine, the stoppage of time
As if the matrix was inserted in your chest like you was Optimus Prime
I be the, glint in your eyes and the sight of the blind
And you be the, living reason why I'm writing this rhyme
I be the, dap in your hand that you give to your man
When you open what you open mouth covered by your other hand
Brother its the first time that you heard, second time that you played
Or the third when you finally understand
Right about now I be MC J-Live, although I wear many hats
And several titles, its vital, the recital is recognized,
that hip hop will never be idle, when its right about now

[Verse 2]
Right about now I hope you recognize that the name of the song
Is not Right About Now, but All of the Above
The soundtrack is courtesy of, DJ Spinna,
So be careful when you enter the realm,
we all real but feelings are so strong
They clouded from the facts if you not on track
And the fact is even being yourself takes practice
When you front too hard, you never get it back
But the, question is, who am I? Who is this?
Is it live, is it real, is it here, is it deep,
Can you summarize with letters
like (J-B-K-N-Y-D-O-D-D-J-M-C)
Is it, deeper than digital, uncrunchable
With your 0's and 1's,
And never get the whole sum
Is it, residual into where you're coming from?
Smaller than the prodigal son, the old gettin dumb
Is it full of your breast, of the old (worldness?)
And gettin chewed up (on chest?)
Just to relieve the sufferin or
Tryin' a party till the headlights go off
The heads light up when I go off
Is he tougher than nails, or sharp as a tack
Approximate, or right and exact, Is he pro-dope, or anti-wack
Conscious or slack, representin yellow, brown, and black
Strong enough to attack, or wise enough to hold back
[sampled from "My Philosophy" by Boogie Down Productions:] "Yes" ...
The answer precisely,
whether it be hard like Shao Kahn, or soft as Tai Chi,
it's the balance of life, you call it equality
yins and yangs rivalry slash comradery
Its the speed of thoughts, calculated musically
Celebrated naturally, elevated constantly
Right about now you can bubble in A to Z
Cuz its question and the answer, and the album is me
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