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J.J. Fad Lyrics

Supersonic Lyrics
Were J.J. Fad and we'sre here to rock
Rhymes like ours could never be stopped
See, there three of us and I know we're fresh
Party rocker, non-stoppers, and our names are def
The 'F' is for fresh, 'A' and 'D' def
Behind the turntables is Dj Train
Nixin and scratchin is the name of the game
Now here's a little somthin bout nosy peopel
It's not real hard, its plain and simple


[Verse 1]
Supersonic notivation rhymes are creating
And everybody knows that J.J. is devastating
We know you like us girls so you better get steril
Cause we are the homechicks that are rockin your world


[Verse 2]
Supersonic is a word when people start to listen
Especially big eared peopel, they pay close attention
You might no believe it, you might not even buy it
But when it comes to our lady (Beat Box), you might even try it


[Verse 3]
Now all you supersonic people try to bit our rhyme
You may think that you are def, but you're way (S-s-so) behind
You better listen good to what we have to say
Cause when it comes to J.J. Fad you can get no play


[Verse 4]
Now he's the freshest Dj From coast to coast
My man can cuat and scratch, but i dont mean to boast
He may be a little light, but thats okay
Cause when he cuts to the beat it sounds this way
Hit It


[Verse 5]
Uh, uh, uh, yeah, it's finally my turn to rock the mic
Beacuse my devasting beats I know you will like
You see my beat box is fresh, it'll blow your mind
And if you don't like my beats I'll blow you mind
And if you like my beats I'll go big in you behind

[Verse 6]
Now you party people know what supersonic means
We didn't try to brag cause J.J Fad is just to clean
Now baby, dont you know that our rhymes are so bionic
Don't listen to hard, dont be Supersonic


[Verse 7]
You see, the 'S' is for super, and the 'U' is for unique
The 'P' is for perfection and you know that we are freaks
The 'E' is for exotic, and the 'R' is for raps
So tell those nosy people just to stay the hell back

Them bigh everlasting ears
They can hear what I say faster than I can say it
They better chill (Rock Box)
It's like, its like
She's Supersonic
You ran out of words
Hit it, Baby -D

I'm light-skinned, devastatin', I know you think I'm empty headed
That's all right,cause they all know I took your man and anyway

Always rappin', always clappin', everybody always say I'm happy
If you try to hang with me you should find it's true you see

I'm always rockin', never stoppin', devastatin' rappin' lady
When I'm on the microphone I sing to all these imitators
freaky is her
deffer is her
everybody say I'm different
There's no other angel lover, everybody know I'm covered
Clientele is a pearl, everybody know in jail
To the beat so you can tell everybody know your cell

I saw my llama llama llama
Do my nama see me?
now my llama nama do
my llama llama nama see me
now my llama nama do
my llama llama nama see me
now my llama nama see me,
I'm a do my llama hum uh

yeah (Yeah)
That's it (That's it)
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