Jin tha MC - Learn Chinese Lyrics

Jin tha MC Lyrics

Learn Chinese Lyrics
Yeah, I'm Chinese and what?
Yeah, you know who this is, Jin
Let me tell you this
The days of the pork fried rice and the chicken wings
coming to your house five years is over

Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
When the pumps come out, ya'll gon' speak Chinese

Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
Ya'll gonna wanna be Chinese
Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
When the pumps go off, ya'll gon' speak Chinese

Go f*ck with your head man
I know a bunch of crypts that love Redman
Blood book in New York man things done change
Stop, the chinks be all over the game
This ain't Bruce Lee, I watch too much TV
This is a game of death when I aim for your chest
Too much sex got me seeing slow motion
Eyes barely open with a roach roasting'
And your girl, she loves the gin ocean
Rub it on her body like body shop lotion
What's the commotion, you never seen me?
The original chinky eye emcee
You don't want to step to the army
And Double-R rank refugee
And the battle of the gun is gonna make you speak
another language
And amigo I ain't talking about Spanish


This one goes out to those that order four chicken wings
And pork fried rice and throw dice
In the hood, you think this is all good?
Till the cowboys roam through like Clint Eastwood
I wish you would come to Chinatown
Get lost in town, end up in the lost in found
Eyewitnesses, you must be crazy
We don't speak English, we speak Chinese
And the only po-po we know is the pigs on the hood out in the window
Every time they harass me, I wanna explode
We should ride the train for free, we buil

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