Jin Tha MC - I Gotta Love Lyrics

Jin Tha MC Lyrics

I Gotta Love Lyrics
[Kanye] Yo Jin! We good wit this one, yeah!

[Jin] Good looking Kanye
Ruff Ryder, Roc-A-Fella collabo!
You see, we're the next generation in this rap game
So it's only right we got down like this

[Kanye] Yep! uh oh!

[Chorus - Kanye West] (2x)
I got a love that's better than - you ever was
You've never been - no good for me
I guess I was - just way too hood for you to be with

[Verse - Jin]
Yo I was doing a show with Kanye in the West
Mid that is, so basically the Chi and M.I. is up in the mix
We in the game now, it makes perfect sense
The kid that 'Dropped Outta College', the other never went
We take turns doing our one, two's and yes yes y'alls
Look at shorty with my name, tatted on her breast y'all
Mr. West, what do you think is the best?
(Kanye: Take em backstage, get aquainted that's what I suggest dawg)
When it comes to spittin G, I'm one of the best y'all
She look goods, smell clean and she had fresh draws
Naw, that's too good to be
Usually them type of chicks ain't good for me, no!


[Verse - Jin]
I got a - way with words, I use words in ways
I convince birds to come out they cage and play
Polly want a Gucci Parka, ma what did you say?
Polly might get a cracker ain't no trickin today, hey
But anyway though, she got it on smash like mashed potatoes
High class with a ass that'll smash on J. Lo
Lay low, got Play-Doh, stash the payroll
Ain't no - credit card, spendin cash on Rodeo
And me? I'm at the Slausson Swap Meet
Lookin for a pair of Air One's and white tee's
She want champagne, I got Sisco and Kool-Aid
Why go to the movies? let's watch the bootleg


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