Jin Tha MC - I Don't Know Lyrics

Jin Tha MC Lyrics

I Don't Know Lyrics
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Yeah, oh Jin a Ruff Ryder?
What's goin' on?
oh yeah

(I don't know) why everybody's talking bout me
is he really gonna be a hot mc
asking if my album's gonna flop
wondering if I'm gonna hit Billboard top,(I don't know)
why this world got so much hate
if there was that much love it would all be great
but there ain't and it's making me strong
if y'all real then y'all gonna be feeling this song, (I don't know)

Verse 1

Since the last time you saw me on T.V. blazing mc's
My life turned around did a hundred eighty degrees
There's a couple of key issues that I gotta address
plus alot of bull shit to get off my chest
Everybody got opinions that they wanna contest
I listen to most of them and ignore all the rest
some confess that I'm hot some stress me alot
saying that I don't deserve all the success that I got
is it me or does it seem that they're obsessed with my jock
either that or they just jelous of my props
all it took was hard work plus my obsession with fame
ask around who's nice and they'll mention my name
is he the best in the game? the question remains
will he shift numbers or is he a one hit wonder?
y'all can't talk about me y'all don't know what I been through
I just wanted to rap look what I got myself into


Verse 2

before I even dropped any material I had alot of critics
what I gotta do to prove to y'all I'm not a gimick?
eager to check my numbers when my sells start to cash in
seems like y'all want me to fail with a passion
my own peolpe hatin' my eyes are deceivin' me
can it be? some of them don't even believe in me
first you mad there aint no asian in the main streem
no doubt now there is one you say he sold out
face it you don't hate the fact that I'm rhymin'
you hate the fact that you aint in the position I'm in
I'm a pioneer it aint no mystery look
got my own chapter in the hip hop history book
oh and by the way incase you didn't notice
all that hatin' you doin' is keepin me focused
besides hatin' is bad for your health
at the end of the day I'm still askin' myself


Verse 3

I can't explain what this game is puttin' me through
you would'nt understand man put your foot in my shoe
walk a mile shit you can even walk an inch
same pace that's all it takes for you to relate
it aint about right or wrong
be the same cats that love my freestyles
that say I cant write a song
plus he signed to the R don't he run with thugs?
what he gon' rap about now huh? guns and drugs?
nope I'm just gonna do me witty cat plus I'm a true MC
I prove to be give the streets my music
I pay my dues I got reciepts to prove it
you can't refuse it if it's hot it's hot
actually I'm flatered you say I sound like Marshall Mathers
I'm no Eminem but I'm not wack either
only reason you compare me to him cause I'm not black neither


(Jin Talking)

y'all keep me goin'
y'all keep me strong
I need y'all
I'd like to thank every single person that ever hated on me
I don't know where I'd be without y'all
I couldn't write this song without y'all


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