Jimmy Eat World - Anais (Demo) Lyrics

Jimmy Eat World Lyrics

Anais (Demo) Lyrics
There was so much we felt we discovered
Breathing heavy with your face against my shirt,
You were the one who said I love you first
Isn't it funny how the feeling starts to fade
You're realizing as you're motoring,
Waving to me from your friend's cabriolet
Sister Christian on, ironically

Come and see me tonight
Come on, Anais [x2]

I don't blame you for abandoning your home
They say you gotta try everything at least once
Then you'll understand
Hell yeah you'll really know
I wrote a million words with nothing great to say
Hope that repetition could elevate me
Someday you'd read me on an airline magazine
Something you might mistake as fate calling

Come and see me tonight
Come on, Anais [x4]

Someone told me once I'm better off, instead
Another said that I'd do good to just forget
But neither of them ever met you at your best
Come and see me and we'll brush up on bad habits

Come and see me tonight
Come on, Anais [x4]

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