Jimmy Brinx - Pipe Down Lyrics

Jimmy Brinx Lyrics

Pipe Down Lyrics
(feat. The Game)

[Jimmy Brinx]
Philly Stand Up! Your man Jimmy Brinx

(The Game)
And the west coast giant The Game!

[Jimmy Brinx]
Black Wall Street..G-Unit..Drama Family

They got a world for a kid like me its sickening
Whether rap or crack big doe what I'm dishing in
It means war when I'm meant to endorse
When I kick in the fours when I'm licking shells ripping him
You heard of me the Philly hitmen
Will bust and leave you f*cked like Kimmelwim
In the song you gangster in the streets you a bitch
Never touched a brick bust a clip or f*ck with chicks
Ask for me I'll come back to beef
Shove the heat through your teeth watch you tonsils leak
Family buisness the network
I'll take your head off your neck for your chain if that works
I come from the bottom not cause the cris from the bottom
Blew six when I spot him
In the streets y'all cats featherweight never ate
This game here is my motherf*cker anyway

You wanna live to see another day, You'll Pipe Down
You f*cking with them big dogs, We bite down
Grrr, rip apart your ass
I make songs for the thugs that will spark your ass
Be easy, blocks stay rocked and stay poppin
Believe me, glocks is cocked at your noggin
This the anthem my gangsters bang to it
Keep it greasy we out to bang music

[The Game]
Yo, Chuck Taylor back in the scuffle
Pack it up stuff the plastic in duffels
I need chips but I ain't asking for Ruffels
Banana clips but I ain't asking for Trouble
I go to bed with them rocks like Barney Rubble
But this ain't no flinstones
Canary yellow gem stones in my chain
Got them hating like Jim Rome
He from Compton how he end up in Philo
70th and Von Dutches and Black Filas
We gangster can't stay down cause crack need us
Start lunch then I empty the mac in your addidas
No offesne to Jam Jay but when the can spray
Leave your man bleeding on the ground in them Jam Jays
We street so in the street is where your man lay
I'm in the Maybach trash can grey
Its the Drama King but I ain't Kay Slay
Compton to Philadelphia make the way


[Jimmy Brinx]
They can't stand that I came with Game
Its the Twin Towers of the coast now torch the flame
The west respect Brinx, the love they hand me
I bring you G-Unit we the Drama Family
Claim you gangster save it bitch
Gun on your hip the only time it come out when you piss
Here the take over look dawg this thing over
Send four through your Rover the game done got colder
Play the block like a soldier
Rocky Bo hold the pack and palm we gring like Folgers
Beef angle bastard child the street handle
cats is wild so I keep the grip on five
one in the pipe thugs and stripes I love this life
Maintain the night we gon eat in the light
I leave with a bang you motherf*ckers know the name
Brinx man the top of the game is where I remain


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