Jimmy Brinx - Mission Lyrics

Jimmy Brinx Lyrics

Mission Lyrics
[Jimmy Brinx]
Whats the word life mean to yall
Listen, lets take you years back when it meant nothing to dawg
Couple dollars in the dice game
Dirty burners slinging crack when the night game
Bloody murder street life drama and the pain
Hard to maintain
You could be the wildest thug still the tears came
I remember like it was just yesterday
Waking up daddys gone with the weeks pay
Hear the screams from the new born baby brother
Moms passed out belly crying out hunger
At the neighbors house mommy won't wake up
DHS at the door trying to take take us
No clothes no school no pay stubs
No water head lice barely no grub
In this life theres got to be a better way
I know there is and its gonna come one day
I'm wondering when, I'm getting older now
Its getting colder out and theres no heat
But I know the streets I chose the wrong route
And I know that now cause

I'm on a mission and I'm wishing just to see the next day
On my knees praying please theres got to be a better way
Cause I'm trying out my mind why does life seem to trife
I'm on a mission, I'm on a mission

[Jimmy Brinx]
I sold the same stuff brought the whole family down
But I got to eat I got more family now
Same stuff I was brought up in and got me caught up in
Please Lord tell when the pain going to end
I hear the voice, see the sign but I ignore it
Girl on my back telling me she can't afford it
I got a baby need us both there to be supportive
If you got a talent work part time and go record it
If we short with the rent I get my mom to loan
Wish I really would have listened but of course I dont
Drug deal gone bad he reaching for his gun
A quick flash of my girl and my new son
Got away unharmed I know the Lords there
My life changed for the better thanks to a prayer
She said to me when I left the house that night
The better days are here and its alright


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