Jim Jones - Voicemail Skit Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Voicemail Skit Lyrics
[Operator:] Please enter your password.
[beep beep beep beep beep ]
[Operatoe:] Your mailbox is completly full, please delete any unwanted messages. Mainmenu to-
[Girl:] Jimmy,Jimmy I been callin you all muthaf*ckin day. You on that Birdgame Dipset bullshit. You got me real muthaf*ckin mad. I went to the bathroom to rinse my muthaf*ckin mouth out after suckin your muthaf*ckin dick and I find that you leave me a hundred dollars. Whats up wit that bullshit you coulda least left me a muthaf*ckin ?. I ain't gettin shit out this muthaf*ckin relationship but a muthaf*ckin dipset tattoo What the f*ck is up with that? I ain't f*ckin with you no more. But when you get this message call me. Dipset bitch.
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