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Jim Jones Lyrics

Vamp Life Lyrics
You fly you like to capture with a knife
You say my [?] that higher have been fun
Who is there
I use mine you flash [?] with a [?]
You fly you like to capture with a knife
You say my [?] that higher have been fun
Come and love the night life
Come and love the right time
When the sun go down and the moon go up
Come and love the night time
A hundred [?] for the night time fifty [?] make [?] shine
This casual swept minds this fancy sweet life
I am on that roll school lane back that [?]
And my whist on lives like [?] so we can take this shit to [?]
Password is your [?] I beat that fish she jumped in told us she is all vamped up
She is from uptown my [?] drop down my [?] I am sick of my [?] pop champagne I am a lot of steel
So God bless that hard stress same pride it could be worse that is the beef that we deserve
I am pimping hard till I hit the dirt here is what I will do
Catch me vamping tonight
We are hanging upside down the [?]
Cause I am a vampire vampire [?] down before I wait
Till I die watering presidential type of face
Heavy metal was side to waste made back to the [?] rose get higher grades
Take you up to a higher place vampires out of space
Penthouse with a fire place clear view of vampire states
Clear view get your [?] talk slick I fire [?] trash back of [?]
Most niggers [?] I am drop top down the [?] drop the top just to hear them [?]
Life is a bitch [?] in the game [?] big wash like ia m here to flows
[?] fib is a scary thought think about that as we vamp through the night
Cause I am a vampire I need my cash on demand
I am a vampire
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