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Jim Jones Lyrics

This Is The Life Lyrics
See this is the life that
Most people dreamed of
But this what we live for
They wanna take this from us why
Cause we young black rich and famous
I wouldn't change it for the world
There's no agrees in life
How dat sound

This is the life
When the champagne spills
And the rollie on a nigga wrist glows
This is the life
When the spot light shines
And the camera gets me with a sick pose
This is the life
When the night time falls
And the cash shuts everything down
This is the life
I'm sleep on a heartache
So why u gotta blame the hood

[Verse 1:]
Main dragon chinchillaed up
Took the champagne glasses please fill'em up
Don't be scared that you spillin it
And tell da truth is you feelin it
That's the breeze from the gutta
We make cheese cop V'S and burn rubba
The latest coop V's got the ladies loopy
Indulged in the world
So we spend the paper loosely
Life in the lime light
Pretty pretty bitches
My ice shine bright
Break bread with my niggaz
Da feds takin pictures we call'em poperotzie
I tell my possie vogue strike a pose
I hop up in da rolls a blunt I'm gonna smoke


[Verse 2:]
I wanna tell my problems to the reverend
Prayin to god is the harlem up in heaven
Gazin at the stars Ferrari engine rarrin
Active weddin life and harlem was the settin
I'm married to a game
It didn't come with a weddin
It started with the dealin and dreams of four willin
Comin up I ran a? in da streets
Chasin da fast bucks stomach touch gotta eat
Now we orderin breakfast I'm sittin at the table
Stackin up my pancakes the syrups on maple
I gotta watch my brothers cause?
Gotta watch the money cause the feds can turn cables


[Verse 3:]
All I need in this world of sin
Is just me and the pearl twin... turbo
Blowin smoke through the pipes
Gettin ghost through the night
This is fast life livin pick a coast if you like
The day we cell dope the night is velvet rope
Party with da chicks from the club with hella smoke
Whips that we valet soon as we hit cali
Call da more buckets ask the waitress
Was da talle
Swipin all da cash... lightin up the grass
Four seasons stays more reason for us to play
Doin sunset the Porsche caberlay
Or the red eye flights like the jeti night
Star wars


Heaven for us... I wanna know is there a heaven for us
Us us us us...
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