Jim Jones - Summertime Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Summertime Lyrics
I can't wait for the summertime
So we can walk around
And act all crazy
Cause you all know when the sun is up
I keep my top down and I'm gonna go for my baby
I can't wait for the summertime
So we can ride around
And we drive all the boys crazy
Cause you all know I keep my... down
Cause I'm such a f*cking lady

Summer where you've been at
Seen you about a year ago
It was all up in... taking pictures about my vehicle
Bitches... it was hot and...
I've been all crazy... looking like she worked out...
... bottom and I know Mercedes coupe
Me I have my... unloose it
Got a... gun just in case they start shutting
I know how's the streets when the sun is up
Niggers a lot of heat until the mother f*cker... is out
The most beautiful thing in this world is while I'm doing... with a pretty girl


... everybody got a cup... get hot
We were also... get loud
Listen to the boy and we can kiss the sky
We couldn't wait for the barbeque
So we can't keep our plates on a...
So you know you got to... favorite girls
... even in the spot light
... could see it
It had to cut the roof cause we had a disagreement
Shit if I ain't drove it they ain't seen it
I'm going... with the sun beam it
... on Atlantic... like I had a flat
45... same color matching black


Last I hard she was standing on a line for real
It was supposed to be waiting for a nigger in the swim
All the man said he caught you... in Miami thinking about
We could have got caught with the swim
We was in the club you put the gun up in your panties
Back to New York we was looking kind of famish
Confront keep your panty in your...
Don't forget your bags cause they cannot cause... for remy
... get fancy and you keep to carry on
I wonder if that is handy
But when you all get chili
You'll be acting illy
And then I got to text you...
You said


If I'm the best you better believe me I'm tripping
All the fashion... we call to splash it...
And we get paid for it we do this for a living
When the sun comes out
Look for me
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