Jim Jones - Psycho Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Psycho Lyrics
[?] but I'm getting dirty money, I'm on a spend cycle
If I was you I wouldn't talk with, who dat?
That's because I heard the feds stalking
You see them, I think they got suspicious when I bought the v's
Told the dealer I'm in a rush nigger toss the keys, hurry up
And I pop you back up, [?]
I need a doctor, I'm sick with it like I got disease
We gonna need wanted everybody
They got bitches and popping bottles up in every party
They know everything, even everybody
Even summer in Miami with that red Ferrari
Aston Martin for [?]
Engine stopping like a stampede
And dark shades like I can't see
I make bitches grab they tits like they can't breathe

Man you know I get [?] straight g
They can hide in the planes be
Straight g's
I ain't lying I be hazy,
Dealing on the streets, supplying niggers crazy
I'm pilled up with the [?] escape key
Stop the lies, you ain't never popped the pie, never
Walked the walked, you just never copped the ride
Think about it
I can show you jewelry that will leave you traumatized
I don't mean the movie when I say I'm Rocky 5
I got led and I got bread
You'll get a box bed before I drop dead
That's why the cops wanna jam on my [?] when [?] drop dead
[?] hell, the nerve of these fakes
Pearl Harbor, send them to the pearliest gates
You know my profile, I [?] from escape
[?] won't make it to the first 48
I saw the flip that [?] threw my drawers in the book bag mama see you later
So let's smoke the left over based on the razor
Weed ain't move so I stuck to the white like annihilator shit
Wings on the back like military missions
Hate to hear her mouth but I love what her lips do
Hussle to my heart, loyalties to bone [?]
For this money I'm a [?] I'm a get you, I'm a get you
Bubble [?] shit ain't nothing [?]
[?] I swear to God they ain't real
[?] you should see my media
I got [?] met a new connect [?]
Never land [?] the only place birds is dropping
New [?] seat, fully loaded, all options [?]
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