Jim Jones - No VMA's Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

No VMA's Lyrics
I could've did it like West Coast and all that
This won't be seen on your VMA's
Real nigga hustle in my DNA
Fly nigga, number three MJ's
And I drop the top, nigga
Let 'em see the waves!
Check my rear view, speed away
Seats are sway, I keep a bay (I Keep a dime!)
Matters fact,
I hope that you wore ya ski's today
Cause we sellin' snowballs called keys and yay
And this the type of life they try to keep away
With due respect bow your head so we could pray (A salam)
Seven hail marys like a priest would say
Then drop a bomb on your block maintain geez a day
You better duck when the heaters spray
Word to the mother, cause you'll never get to see the stray
I thought I'd never get to see the day
And this the type of life I get the breath and say!
So who blood and who bluffing?
And I ain't acting, so it really ain't nothing (at all)
Get you held captive, niggas just bustin
You need more than pro active if these bullets do touch em
I've could've did LA and tossed it upwith the big shots
You know pull the roaster up with the wig popped (for real)
Still loaded up I'll get your wig popped
Bitches lose focus when the kid let the lid drop

A hundred forty cool, thirty for the cane
And use the shit so I dropped it on the chain
Don't mind me, just some shit on my brain
She on stage toss it up like fingers when they bang
And like if we get pulled over
Is she gonna cry that it's all over
Burn money in this bitch to the mall close up
Hit-wonder call the next one over
Ooooohhhhhhhhhh (#VAMPIRELIFE)
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