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Jim Jones Lyrics

Na Na Nana Na Na Lyrics
Dipset (owwww)
As we proceed
What have we here (take that take that)
It's 0-9 muthaf*cka (one thing to do)
We get money muthaf*cka (yo)

I pulled off like na na na na na na
They would of tried some bullshit but a nigga had the blamer (try again)
They only got me cause they caught it on a camera (owww)
They wanna ball but they ain't got no stamina (they need it)
They said damn man you lookin like Pac
I said nah, not alive, man I'm lookin like Jones (cappo)
Besides I put money on your skull and bones
And keep it low watch what you say up on those f*ckin phones
Sssh be quiet
And getcha ass hung the f*ck up just like a bunch of clothes
Hey ma, we stretch work like you touch your toes
And in the middle of July we got that summer snow
I got em snowboarding in August
And I love a pretty bitch but the Porsche look gorgeous (you see it)
Harlem is one big ski slalom
I guess the Hill is like the Swiss Alps, we bring them whips out

We gettin money like nananananana
Waitin at the flash throwin money at the cameras
Twin turbs out speeding with the scanners
Breeze past the cops screamin nananananana
We gettin money like nananananana
Lookin at my ass know you wish he had a camera
We gettin money like nananananana
Droptop at the light screamin life is good.

If there's money on my head I hope they got a reciept
Cool your old ass off cause it's hot on these streets (be easy)
I got dogs and they not on a leash
So you hope you understand
Do you copy? capesh? (comprende?)
At this point I don't think they could take it
Sharks in the water they won't make it to safety (he drown)
And even though that we been gettin cake
And now the money taste sweet like pastry, they hate me (back at you)
Now tell me how I look
Would you rather live life like me or by the book? (you get it?)
Sheesh, we are what we are
Make the wrong move will put your faggot ass in the ER
He's not gonna make it
If it's red apples fallin hit me on the bat line (Jones)
I'm back for mine, some more black flyin'
The flyest nigga you know that got a knack for crime


And what you do nigga?
I cop cars out the future
Pocket so fat like Raspusha
I think I'm gettin used to
Lifestyle rich and conspicuous
Chicks want to get with us (owww)
The feds takin flicks of us (say cheese)
They all know I put on for Harlem
Tell rich Broadway I took it up another level (God bless em)
I took 80, blew it on a Beezle
Bought the new Fiskar flew it through the ghetto (15th st)
The definition of opulence
The jewels drippin we droppin on top and poppin shit (splash)
Who would think that this kid from the projects
Get his neck so cold you would think he's lethargic (I'm froze up)
The wrist look like hypothermia set in (what)
Pick a club night that the burner don't get in (I can't recall that)
We pop champagne until the club let out (and)
I drink and I f*ck and then I piss a nigga rent out


You know the rules nigga
Fly high or get flew over
Roll with us or get rolled over
Ain't nuthin change
Just the decimal point muthaf*cka
You get the point?
Money money money
Don't make dollars don't make sense
F*ck you nigga
Suck a dick too
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