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Jim Jones Lyrics

My My My Lyrics
N they shootin, I must be on top
(It's clear up here)
We coopin we must be inta trouble,
Some hard type shit that cost a quarter mill a pop
It makes me laugh ha, life is so ironic,
How I would get tha cash I become so iconable
Cop the fast cars that come with the trip tonic panel
I live the life that's filled with the jealousy
Doomed from the start it's like we born with a felony
Wheres the longevity
We in the place where best friends become enemies
And foul nigguhs got the tendency
You gotta watch what you wish for
I hope to god it's on a switchboard
When I'm tryin to say a prayer and I'm callin hope you listen lord
See it's just my position lord
Gotta me smokin on this blunt while I'm lookin at the sky
Make it rain so I know the doves cry.

Lord do you hear me praying, when I'm lookin at the sky
I hope you can hear what I'm saying
It's like my, my, my
I'm not really complaining, but it makes me wanna cry
I know you can see what I'm saying
It's like my, my, my
It's like my, my, my

Cause god ain't cryin when the sky starts to rain
That must u and god in heaven poppin champagne
And speakin of the shams, remember in Miami
You got bent pussy it was your first trip with me
We was goin hard to many bottles up in free-vay
U was goin crazy with my Haitian man t-sway
Pass that on the twins I had teesh fer like 3 days
And I can't forget your b-day
We had dead body tap we was deeper then aye
And now I'm just wishin I could see a nigguh face
And they kill, bang bang, did u get it with em yet
And it's a damn shame because nigguhs still upset
Like chita chala god musta needed y'all
I think about the street dream saw how we were born
But now all I got is the memories of two great soldiers
That are dear friends of me


To tell you both the truth, I ain't doin the best
I'm tryin to keep a positive mind movin thru the stress
I'm tryin to stay afloat, they say I'm doin the most
I'm doin way to much I'm playin death to close
I'm think bout the thought of goin back to court
For the petty little games I really should avoid
But it's the calculator risk on how we make the chip
Realizin if I slip it's a bottomless pit
If you'd a filled my shoes, would you walk a mile
Let the media tear you down and turn around and smile
I thank god that I'm alive to see a black president
We screamin yes we can but that won't change the deficit
That ain't really even the best of it,
You catch me in the streets I will surly tell you the rest of it

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