Jim Jones - My Life Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

My Life Lyrics
[Jim Jones: Talking]
Uh huh
We back
We still on the streets
Rap game is now the crack game
Watch out for them rap police

[verse 1: Jim Jones]
The rap police is on my ass
Searchin for the ratchet
Im stepping on the gas while im swirving through the traffic
Watching the sun rise, twisting on the grass
Money on my mind, got me thinking bout the cash
Cuz i heard the plottin one
You gotta have your paper right
they knocking at the door
im hoping they dont weigh tonight
we moves pies
trying to get the treasures,
Plush rides
getting high till the FBI come and get us
And we hit them clubs in the city
Now i got the thugs and all the drug dealers with me
virgin on the bottles
hope the groupies follow
im tryin to slide baby beeze?
The life styles of the thugs
young rich and famous
Give a f*ck about the judge
we runnin from arraignments
speeding through life at a fast pace
so i pray to god tonight and im hoping i dont catch a case

Trying ride the wave in a deep sea
cuz i like to spend my life, my life, my life, my life
ducking dt's in the z3 or the gt this is bg
Trying ride the wave in a deep sea
cuz i like to spend my nights, my nights, my nights, my nights
ducking dt's in the z3 or the gt this is bg

[Verse 2:]
Now i aint sleep about a week
but 7 Day theory
Im gunning in the streets everyday is getting scary
And any minute meet the queens with the reefer
but we gotta stay alive getting fadedd of the reefer
Liquor, no chaser, shits gettin major
f*cking with the guns gotch ya nigga all chased up
Itd for the thrill so we do it for the love of it
Like oh what a feeling mother f*cker when we thuggin it
[?] Mob, true to stay free
Free to cop a ride, hundred thousand on the V
Wallin in the whip, lets talk politics
they say niggas from new york is saw by the flip
Got gas in the range, cash on the ring
and im flying up lennox fast in the lane
They say its all up in the streets
rying to make a million while im dodging from police

Mother f*cker


Pay attention while i mention
that the birdgang is on the move
while you talking here we walking
like the way you want to do
we dem rock stars, keep dem hot cars
and a hot one for you ladies,
just griding for all the paper we can get up out this game
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