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Jim Jones Lyrics

Let Me Fly Lyrics
Whatever you wanna do, girl we gotta do it tonight
You don't wanna let me go, I can see it in your eyes
But you know I gotta fly, cus baby this is my life
Baby this is my life

[Jim Jones:]
She's spillin' drinks all night on my favorite pants
She was all up on a nigga givin' crazy stares
The loud knock in my door had me wake up scared
As I looked into my bed she had her makeup smeared
Damn, it's like a party what we made in here
And I was tryin' tell the time through the jacob glare
Can't front the fat ass and the wavy hair
Had a nigga contemplate about stayin' here
I missed the flight I got to pay delay
She tried to do it all again she ain't playin' fair
She reached up like do you gotta leave
I wanna stay but baby girl I gotta breathe
Jet lag screamin' that we runnin' late
My louis bag on wheels runnin' to the gate
Party all night to the A.M.
And it kinda pushed my time back like daylight savings

7 a.m. turning over in the sheets
Manager blowin' up the phone in my sleep
A smile on my face I don't mean to make em' wait
But she's that much sexier when she sleeps
Throwin' on my clothes put my shoes on my feet
Bags packed up now I'm ready for the streets
Glanced back at her now she's staring up at me
She wanna pull me back but she know I gotta leave
Flights at ten then we land at twelve
Then we then check-in to another hotel oh well
Do it all again I think I want her an my homie wants her friend
Ball like tomorrow might be the end
We can let it all go, we can play pretend
We can do up from the dusk til' the dawn
Like the Marvin Gaye song baby let's get it on
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