Jim Jones - Intro Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
(feat. Max B)

Come on come on come on give me that double give me that double give it to me you never knew what it took to get here they say life dont stop for no one so im goin back in my people dis what yall wanted right you said you wanted the truth so i solumly sear that the truth be told im thugin to the day i die it's dipset it's more than just music now it's a way of life its more than the 200 hundred years of blood sweat and tears you understand me for all my ballers my day crawlers its bigger than neno brown take a walk and lets ride take a journey wit ya boy and lets ride you dont even neeed a seat belt homi cause where im bout to take you you'll dont need nuttin homie but i dont need nuttin homie but a bottle purple juice and my weed smoke homie i just need you in the zone take ya othar off and make yaself at home it must to been a confusion i had to make it lust started as a complication i satyed what the huds now its private jets smokin haze what the stars quarter mill out of pression thats how we pay for the cars
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