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Jim Jones Lyrics

I'll Be Back Lyrics
[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Meek Milly
Uhhh! First off, I'm a beast bitch (Beast)
I'm with the mafia, and I ain't talkin Three 6 (Nahh)
I remember when they said I'd never be shit (Wooo!)
Look at me now my neck and wrist done cost me three bricks (Ahhh)
I'm in this Panamera, same color as Heathcliff
Niggas talk about me, when they see me it's the remix (SCERRRR)
My waves spinnin (Spinnin), she sea sick (Sick)
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she gon eat dick
Rollin round with Jimmy (Jimmy), Touchin on the semi (Strapped)
Finger on the trigger (Huh), Cause niggas wanna hear me (Yeah)
I'm rollin through my city, make a bike look like a Bentley
When I pull up on them hoes, it's like eany miny mo
There he go, where eyat? Niggas know, I be strapped (Strapped)
I'm a terminate me something, if I tell em I Be Back
Arnold Schwarzenegger Audemar, It cost me 90 stacks
And it ain't got no ice in it, I be shinnin bright with it

[Hook: Meek Mill & (Jim Jones)]
Niggas say they need that work. I tell em I'll be back! (Mutha F*cka yeah, I'll Be Back)
I f*cked a bitch in one night, I tell her I'll Be Back! (Baby girl you know that I'll be back)
Thinking when I was f*cked up, I tol em I'll Be Back Back! (I got my weight up Mutha F*cka, I'm Back!)
Now every time I'm up in Neiman's, I tell em I'll Be Back! (I stay fly, so I'll Be Back!)

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
Went from the hardest nigga out, To the smartest nigga out (And!)
If you niggas act dumb, I'll bring retarded niggas out (Ga'Head!)
Cartridge in ya mouth (Grrr), we got it in the drought (Grrr)
Saw so many bricks, we got parts down in the south
Thought I was a southerner, the white girl I'm lovin her
Bitch I got uni-bombers to run up on a governor (Pow)
Ain't no worries, I got lawyers like O.J. (GRRrr)
Run up on ya block and make it hot on a cold day (T-t-t-t-t-t-Ttoww)
Bullets kiss yo neck like it's foreplay
And you shouldn't be upset, you know my forte (You know Wuddup)
Stone cold killer, no felonies, cause we murdered any motherf*cker that could tell on me! (Grrr)
See Me in Philly, Meek doin wheelies (Andd!)
Hopped out on Broad Street, my feet looking illie (Philly Wuddupp)
Niggas know the dealie, cause niggas off millies
Let up off the shoes, I thought this bitch was tryna kill me!


[Verse 3: Fred the Godson]
The bells is back, low in the hole
Big Jesus piece, t-shirt that say slow
Been ridin with Meek, y'know it's all dough
Boutta hit the streets, Capo said flow
So packs, Go
Back to the coupe, it's back to the booth
Before I get a plaque, forty-four in the mac
You'll collapse when I clap, so relax before I... (Woooo)
Or keep goin and switch ya spittin lyrics to vivid
Like I'm the devil backwards, so you know that I lived it
[?] this shit is 50, the bricks is with me
On the first, I get more exercise than Mississippi
Or get the bliqey, I got the whip and the gunnas in it
Dead in the middle of little Italy, No Pun intendid
Your funeral, no discussion
Ya moms will take care of the coffin, Robitussin
You duck while we clap, if I miss I'll be back
Fred, I'll Be Back!

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