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I Like Lyrics
[Young Swift:]

[Hook: Young Swift]
I woke up this morning, with a brand new swag
Like f*ck these niggas, let's get this cash
I like money and bitches, and bitches with money
I'm a real ass nigga, you can't take that from me
I like money and bitches {Yea}, and bitches with money {I Like}
Money and bitches {Yea}, and bitches with money {I Like}
Money and bitches {bitches}, money and bitches {bitches}, money and bitches {I Like}
Money and bitches {I Like}

[Verse 1: Young Swift]
Ok I like that cash, I like that loaf
She say she like that dick, well girl that dick like you
It's Charge Nation the army, give that soldier salute
And if it's me and my bitch then I like that coupe
I throw some ice on too, just so I shine right
Then I blow what's left, getting my mind right
Money on the radar get it till the graveyard
And my homie got that thang nigga, go on play hard {heh}
Ok it's raining, nigga what that flood cost
I found hate, but no love lost
Do it like I taught you, getting twisted like a cork screw
If you ever wanna ball, then tell them Swiffa sports you {Hey}

[Hook: Young Swift]

[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
I got money with niggas {Yea}, she like niggas with money {Snow}
I say "Cot Damn girl! Hey what's up with your tummy! " {Yeaaaa}
She say "Look at me Snow. You know I been in the gym. {Yea}
He ain't blowin on strong, so I ain't f*ckin with him. {Ha Haaa}
See you stepped up your swag {Swag}, See you rockin them Timbs."
I say "Bitch these just boots! {Boots} You see me rockin these gems! {Damn}
Don't I look Liberace? {... Ace} Don't I look so Versace? {Snow}
Take a look at me now! {Now} I used to trap in huaraches! " {Yeaaaa}
Right now you a 10 as you see I can count
I said "You sure look good, hey but what's in your account? " {Aye}
I don't f*ck broke bitches, {Nah} cause them bitches be funny {Funny}
They spend they money on bitches, {Bitches} I like my bitches with money
Snow {Yea}

[Hook: Young Swift]

[Verse 3: Jim Jones]
I woke up this morning, praise to Allah
Last night got crazy, blew 20k at the bar
Love them bitches with credit, a car, and a job
I'm a freak for them watches, my dick get hard for Chopards {Grr}
Hopped out left the turbo on, got out it like word is born
Her mouth is fowl but it turn me on
Had to crack a dial on that Tourbillion
APT that's watch talk, Black GT that's drop talk
Like a baby head, my top soft
Hit the club and we pop collars
Private jet, one way to heaven
Taking bets 2k11
Hold's 8 stacks and I ain't sweatin
40 for the stone 8 for the setting {Grr}
She need a job talkin bout she don't need a man
I said f*ck you bitch, I don't need a bitch
I just feed them dreams like Peter Pan

[Hook: Young Swift]
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