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Jim Jones Lyrics

I Know Lyrics
(What you learn in jail you can't learn in the street that's learnin patients
I just finished doin 10 years up north.
I just came home from doin 10 years.
I done did 10 years staight I went in 16 came home 26.
I Gave the system about 15 years of my life.
I gave these crackers man 17 years of my life man
The prison system gave me 15 to life and I gave'em back 10.)

God forgive me for my worldly ways
Hit the street at a early age tryn to come up off the pearly yay
The late nights to the early days all a nigga knew is street life
Young G's beneth the street lights try not to catch street strikes
You better run you see police lights these nights (Squala)
I'm hated by few loved by many
Getttin faded with the crew gettin buzzed off henny
Now the liquer got my mind runnin
They say we ballin but the times runnin so I'm tryin to beat the shot clock
Winter time heated seats on the drop top
Dinner time we gone eat when the block hot
Shit well who gone stop us A grew of mobsters and we lueger poppers
Till we subdued by coppers
Loyalty is everything so all my niggas know they can call on me for anything

(I served 10 years straight up um in them 10 years I lost everything I loved my pops my moms
Can you just imagine goin to jail in 1989 and them tellin you your release date is on febuary 2004 that Shit is crazy
I gave the prison system a decade 10 years of my life)

I can't call it cause I might spoil it I'm two sips from being alcoholic
In my hood that the nights chourus and this toast goes to lifes losses and all my soilders livin life lawless
Not worried what it might cost us And f*ck the price brought us vvs on white flawless ain't nothin fresher than my white forces more than white forces they on our back like christ crosses
I'm extra large due to success try to nail me for a weapon charge due to my rep try tell me take a plea bargin f*ck it so I tell'em take that plea bargin shove it and F*ck the chip it's like the worlds on my shoulders we cop bricks and mix the girl with the soda sit it the pot let twirl with the water if you got a weak stomach you might hurl from the odor

(We were just bad to the bone we were gangsta so we never did get a chance to prove to anybody how much good we had inside of us all they heard about was how drive bys and how many guns and how much dope we had so they never gave us the chance to figure out what was good about us)

You ani't got tell me about ccomin from nothin cause I know were livin in the fast lane my nigga sometimes it gets slow yeah heard that we be hustlen tryin to make it but steady strugglin, but you ain't gotta tell me about comin from nothin cause I know.

There's a war goin on outside no man is safe
Watch the snitches cause they close by
And tell my niggas keep there hopes high
I got vision goin multi
My eye sight is like 20/20 and hine sights like 20/20
And limelight is every bit of envy
Watch the snakes cause they gettin friendly
Watch the jakes cause they tryin to end me

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