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Jim Jones Lyrics

How G Is This Lyrics
Dipset, Jones
How G Is This
Gangsta (Jim Jones)
How G Is This
Gangsta (Killa Cam)
How G Is This
Gangsta (Santana)
How G Is This
Gangsta (Freaky)
How G Is This
Gangsta (Dipset) [x3]

I'm From This Other Side
Where Brothers Ride
They Bangin Over These Colors Right.
U Get Caught Up In The Wrong Turf
Your A Bitch Need They're Goin Up In Your Skirts.
In Life, Man The Stakes Is High
Cause My Niggaz Tryina Eat
Need The Price Of These Steaks Is High.
My Niggaz Ain't Gon Settle
For No Cheesesteaks Need Fries.
Every Nigga In My Ghetto
Could U Please Relate To I.
U See The Boys
That Police Chase To The Ride.
Speak No Name (Something)
Dangerous Grounds Where Gangas Get Found
Slumped Need Slain With Their Brains On The Ground.
I Been Through The Marathon
I Sing Me The Saddest Song
Need Crime Ain't Gon Stop
If You Speak To Minister Farrakhan.
How Could U Wack Somebody (Something)
Wen We Grew Up Hardbody
Need Nobody Wasn't Home
So Of Course We Played The Llami With The Chrome
Need My City Filled With The Thugs
Placed Gotti On The Throne.
Niggas Like Fritz To Get It Like Rich.
Need I Woulda Sent Alpo But That Niggas A Snitch
I'm From The Projects Where The B's Ride Hard,
Taft Need Foster Where They Breathe 5 Stars
Task Force Need The Capris Try Hard To Get U
Trapped Need Caught On A 3 To 9 Charge.
Convicted To Sales, Restricted To Jails.
I Guess My Vision Just Failed
But This Isnt Hell.
In Every Ghetto Niggaz Hangin Jus Like Us.
Beef Come They Think Ain't No Thang They Jus Gon Bust.
But I Don't Know What The F*ck They Thought
Them Niggaz Just Gon Bang Just Like Us.
Rep They Set For They Gang Need That's Our Trust.
I'm From Where We Get Drunk Need Wild Blunted.
I'm From Harlem, Ya'll. Aka Wild Hundred

Dipset You Know What It Is
Capo Status
How Real Is Dat
G's Up
You Heard Me, East Side
It's Your Boy Jones
That's Right New York's Rider Man
The Tri State Dandy
The 50 State Rebels
You Know My Slogan
F*ck A Button Up Need I'm Never Shuttin Up
Tell The Government Stop Me
U Heard
Dipset Killa Holla At Me
Juelz Santana, Freaky Zekey They Can't Stop Us
Hell Rell Come Home, Free Sheik Ali
U Know What It Is
All My Soldiers Behind Gon Keep Your Need Your Eyes Open
I See U Wen U Get Out Here Till Then,
Inhale Exhale Shake Your Nuts Nigga No Homo
I'm Outta This Biaiaitch
G's Up East Side
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