Jim Jones - Get Low (Freestyle) Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Get Low (Freestyle) Lyrics
We in the midst of a cold winter, chilling
Niggas would eat your food but it's no dinner, where the food at
I make the paper, no printer
A blood cloud one shit I ain't no sprinter
They say coke is hot and need a cheaper price, we need better men
Better show them what you say they let you keep your life
Pretty nigga dog, let him keep his wife, f*ck that bitch
Swear it was Gucci on my feet was [?]
Car getter from the back you can see the price
Interior [?] and the seats were [?]
Her legs [?] stick 5 inches
Told me speed up, she wants to die like the princess, bitch
Her [?] a half [?] joints [?] my cargo
And you don't need the light to see my [?]
A nigga play a nigga [?] have him John Doe.
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