Jim Jones - Genocide Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Genocide Lyrics

They say keep it real with the consumer
While my man left the hills and ain't been back to junor
He did his fed time grey sweats and some pumas
And he always said it should let him out sooner!
The jail got him sick up in his head like a tumor
And he could give a f*ck about what they say with the rumors
He rock a suny, took his shit hotter he took his jail time and caught wearing pradas
[?] at the Knicks game on [?]
The brick game is his [?]
I will favor [?] in Heaven
[?] but he found news eleven
Hmm [?] and I just get started on him
But just as fast I make [?] departed at him

[?] f*ck it, kill 'em all
Kiss your bitch on the mouth, I'm a f*ck 'em all
Baby says she seen that reflection in the cross
Quarter brick is hard, but the roof came [?]
Uhuu you gotta see it, cause they don't believe
[?] f*ck a supermodel, get my coat up and leave
Cause I'm all [?] bitch I play with my cheese!
Uhuu, so we come from the same [?]
[?] not the same [?]

Is a fraud and we don't plan on the same [?]
You call [?] is how we end up in the same [?]
Oh, don't bite if it ain't soft!
I've been [?] shit, the bitch froze with the chain [?]
And this only law [?]
So, you got excuse [?] nigger [?]
You know the beef is for the main course
I'm looking at your front door, main source
[?] to be a massacre, chains on!

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