Jim Jones - F.E.A.S.T Prelude Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

F.E.A.S.T Prelude Lyrics
This the way of life
This heavy moon you need to be scarred
Well, we always make it cinematic for ya
Let you see something you could hear nigga
Oh, you gonna hear this
And I ain't talkin' about no melody neither nigga
You think about that
I'm watchin' you niggas
(Yea, I got my eye on you)
I know what you did last summer
Talkin' my style
Quote me nigga
Quote this
Nigga I grew here, you niggas flew here
For my real niggas
Watchin' my style
Countin' my money
Where the f*ck you thought I was goin'?
Where was I supposed to go?
Where the f*ck you thought we was goin'? Matters fact
Billy up
When we started this gangsta shit nigga
Deep Cell wussup
Oh, you thought money made me fall back?
Nah nah nah f*ck that
Who you think started this Lamborghini shit in the middle of Harlem nigga?
Killa wuddup
I didn't crash enough cars to make you niggas go broke
Just can't pay that car note nigga
Yea nigga, shake 'em
What's in the bank too
Ain't nothing changed nigga
2-2 got hit
You know when you see me is like a walking deposit nigga
Cash on deck
You know what come with that cash
Nah, nah, nah, we ain't beefing
Na, we ain't beefing, we're getting money, right?
That's what everybody else said
What spread the love, nigger!
Cause I've been getting money, that's a fact!
Ain't nothing changed on this side, nothing!
But to hear the motherf*ckin' ride nigga
You know, we're waitin' or we countin'
Oh, that's hard to find
Find the 'mote patrol in your mother f*cking house nigger, and put the tube on bitch!
Stupid niggad
But they're tellin' me to chill
Chill for what?
Chill won't pay the bills, and we're trying to eat
So I figure we have a feast
And sit down at the round table!
My family eating and staying true
True to this loyalty, bring something to the table
True to this hustle, don't you sit at the table
True to this money
And to the FEAST
Is them against us, always
And no one in between
Don't get caught in the crossfire
Billy up
You niggers ain't vamping right
What y'all call jewels we clal reality
True story
Reality is nigger we're back!
You know my niggas locked up behind the G wall
You already know what it is
Inhale, exhale or subwoof nigga
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