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Dipset Xmas Time Lyrics
Livin Fast And Ballin At Christmas Time

Its Fin To Be A Good Christmas This Year
Santa Know When You're Good Or Bad, And We Ballin

The Musics Tight
The Block Is Stuffed
We Here Tonite
And Thats Whats Up
Livin Fast And Ballin At Christmas Time
Livin Fast Its A Dipset Christmas Time

Im Tryna Live Everday Like Its Christmas
I Shovel Yay So Everyday A Nigga Risk This
Blow From The Copeyes
Feelin Like Popeyes
Cuz Im In The Coupe With A Chicken And A Biscuit
My Niggas Get The Same Thing Every Year
Different Mew New Year Match The Color With They Hair
And You Know It Cost Kitty If I Wear
A Red Monkey On The Jeans Eleven Hundred For The Pair
Might Show Em How To Ball This Year Yeah The Dogs The Fresh London Fog This Year
Put The Box Up Pull Out The Foxy Long Hair
Fresh Ta Death Might Open A Mourge This Year
Thats How Im Feelin Holiday Season
(Sqaud Up)
Thats The Holiday Greeting
Buy A Ratchet For The Holiday Heathin
They Might Be Doin Holiday Squeezin, Ya Dig?

[Chorus x2]

I Want It All From Racetracks To The Ball Games
Now We Race Fast In The Porsche Thing
I Gotta Ball Gettin Cash Of The Raw Caine(I Got It)
And Wifey Want The Super Charged Range(She Got It)
I Think The Coupe Might Do The Hard Thing(For Real)
Gotta Do Seventy And I Pops The Wing
A Little Car Trivia
Every Car Giddy Up
Like A Clidesdale
The Mood Is Right And Im High As Hell
Big Trucks Through The Snow Like A One Horse Slay
The V-12 Come With Five Hundred Horsies
And My Whole Team Ballin And We All Flossy
Now Im Hearin Piff While Im Sniffin The Eggnog
Pumpin My Shit And Im Whippin The Best Cars
Thats Cuz We Get Dough
So This Year Mommy Benz With The Red Bow
You Know We Gettin Dollas Like Preflow
Holiday Season So We Sippin On The Xo

[Chorus x2]

Its Christmas Time Everybody Jolly
Feel It Blood Everybody Wanna Party
Get Ya Flag On Red Rags Out
Feelin Good Pull The Red Jags Out
(Gettin Money)
We Gonna Ball At The Red Lights
Shit Pretty Bitches, Blind A Ho With The Head Lights
I Heard Lotus Poppin
Alotta Pretty Bitches With The Fishnet Stockings
Hit The Club By The Bar Route
Where The Dutches At Get The Jars Out(Lets Get High Blood)
And Put The Piffy In The Air
I Aint That Bent Dont Skip Me, Give It Here
And We Could One Two Step
Throw Ya Gang Up What Hood You Rep (Nine Tres)
And Everybody Spazz Out
Get Blowed Homie Til You F*ckin Pass Out
Its Christmas

[Chorus x2]
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