Jim Jones - Changing The Locks Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

Changing The Locks Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jim Jones:]
And I know our reltionship I neglekted
So I'm hopin this apology you'll accept it
And I know up in ya mind you feel disrepekted
Just think about the time that you invested
But somewhere along the line we got diskonnekted
And you tell me I was wrong so I stand korrekted
You ain't up here in the mall girl I kant accept it
And so a woman skorned is wat this man was left with
I got her feelin like no otha option
Back against the wall love got ha boxed in
Fightin with a hard love got ha boxin
And all those bruises on ha soul like she was fightin Hopkins

[Chorus: Ashanti:]
See I don't want to love you anymore
And I don't want to touch you anymore
I'm changin all tha locks that's on this door
So gone so goooone
I used to give you every piece of me
Until you f*cked around and lost that key
I used to really love you now I think nothin of you
You ain't gotta kum back no more kuz I'm goone

[Verse 2: Ashanti:]
See I was with you
I split it with you
I lived it with you
Did it even when I didn't wanna do it just to let you know I was different from the rest put an "s" on my chest
To relieve all your stress when I gave you my best
You betrayed what was left
And I didn't understand now I'm leaving
I'm so gone movin on
And I ain't gotta take ya shit no more


Said I don't wanna love you
And I don't wanna touch you
Nope I don't think nothin of you
Aye ayyyyyeeee aye
Said I don't wanna love
And I don't wanna touch you
Nope I don't think nothin of you
Yeah ayyyyeeee wooooaaaahhhh
Mmmm mmmmmmmmm nooooooo [fades out]
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