Jim Jones - 848 Lyrics

Jim Jones Lyrics

848 Lyrics
Half a milli all in my bag
If this was Philly they would say I'm in my bag
Quarter milli with the paper tags
And I keep the 9 milli playing laser tag
Condo in Miami that's my favorite pad
Watching Rondo vs Miami he just made a pass
Gotta coupe it when we racing past
Body stupid with a crazy ass!

High heels, red bottoms
And I miss my niggas
For real cause the feds gottem
You doing 30 pray for 65 percent
(I got you nigga)
And the car dirty you know that I'm riding bent!

Kingpin! 848
Lights, Camera , Action
First 48! Fly bitches
Meet me at the bar
And when they catch us we gon' get the biggest charge

Kingpin! 848!
Sex, Money, Murda
First 48!
Live niggas, buy the biggest cars
And when they catch us we gon' get the biggest charge

[Juelz Santana:]
Uh still slangin cocaine boy
Still gangbangin with my gang boys
Swagged up still rockin big chains boy
Who wanna hear that choppa make noise?
I'm smoking dope, straight outta gas mask
It's big B's 9 treys Billy badass
I'm sellin coke what's the code I'll match that
Matter fact I got them for half that
How many mug shots they gon take of me?
Until they understand they ain't gon pin a case on me?


[Waka Flocka Flame:]
I pulled out hopped out threw the duces
Look back at smiling at these haters blowin kush
I got muscle in my hood call me Flocka Bush
Get your head knocked for a couple bands
Shit hit the fans my youngin let them guns blam
Told em keep shooting don't stop unless you're gun jam
We got automatic big guns like Call of Duty
Keep it G push the turf that's my Call of Duty
Fly young nigga rob you with some Louis
Run up on my bus got burned now he tryna sue me

Free my brother Gucci!
And my brother Bootsie
I swear to God my life is like a f*cking movie

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