Jim Crow - That Drama (Baby's Mama) Lyrics

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That Drama (Baby's Mama) Lyrics
(feat. Jazze Pha, Too $hort)

[Short talking]
Damn, Ay man, ain't that Chris baby momma over there?
She lookin good

[Hook x2: Jazze Pha]
I know that it's gonna be drama
But I got a thang for ya baby momma
It don't stop, it won't stop
It goes on and on and on
(Got my eye on ya bitch and ya baby momma)

I ran into this girl I used to see in Eastwick
She wasn't all that fine, but now she lookin thick
I was feeling kinda hungry so she took me out to mix
She wore some Calvin Klein's that was showin off them hips
And shit, that ass was a eye catcher
And I stress ya, if she let 'cha, you bet ya
X-redbone fetcher
She a go get it girl
Drank Hen and don't hurl
Was priceless like a pearl
Stayed wet a ????
Got caught up in ???? and came and scooped me from the ????
Took me out to where she at, just like that
Late night she called me up so she could get on her job
Work hard overtime, and I don't pay her a dime
Playa keep her mind, her body already mine
And we will meet you at the finish line
I'ma tell her that I know it's gonna be some drama
You cuffin her like an anaconda
But I still got a thang for your baby momma


I got my eye on ya bitch and ya baby momma
Save the drama, cause I really don't want it
I was mindin my business, all alone
Drivin down the street, makin calls on the phone
I'm a player, even in your town
Your baby momma's kinda cute, roll ya window down
She asked me 'what you gettin in to tonight?'
I said 'you baby, I hope it ain't too tight'
She laughed and then I told her, holla at me later
Here's the number to my pager, two fingers like a player
Rolled out, and when she hit me on the beep
I found out your baby momma's a freak
I know ya turned her out when she was young
Got her doing thangs wit her tounge
I'm havin hella fun
Stop puttin in work like a fool
Lost a good women to a real player, you know the rules

[Jazze Pha]
Now I done seen this whole thang for what it's 'sposed to be
Cause she wanna love me down and got you mad at me
She does things for free she's never done to you
She asked me, so what the f*ck I'm 'sposed to do?


Suzanna, this hoe from Alabama she was country
It don't matter, boy I will still splack her cause she ??? me
(Exhale), but she want me, (oh well), I'm macaroni
Tony, when it come to these girls
I got that game for sell, that be them lames ya tell
That buy ya Chenelle, and ice for ya dyke friends
I'm in your ear like Tyson
?????, just cripplin, your thoughts of goin home
You called yo man up on the phone and said ('I'll be there later on')
Shit it's on to the crib, we did them thangs you do to make kids
Come to find out, you fool wit, ah shit
How you know Chris? (oh, that's just my baby daddy)
Hell nah, oh y'all got babies? (yeah boy, we got a cute lil' family)
Damn, that's steady, tell Chris I'm sorry but I ain't scared off
And if he really wanna trip I got this infrared boy
Girl what we did was dead wrong, so when you and shorty talk
Tell him boy you let me hit it, so I hit it and it ain't my fault

[Jazze Pha]
Don't you be hoe trustin, don't let it get to you
Because I just come out bustin, they comin after you
Now don't you be hoe trustin, don't let it get to you
Because I just come out bustin, they comin after you


[Short talking]
I don't give a f*ck
Nigga baby momma got some good ass pussy
Mad as f*ck if he knew Short Dog hit it

(Got my eye on ya bitch and ya baby momma)
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