Jim Crow - One Of These Days Lyrics

Jim Crow Lyrics

One Of These Days Lyrics
One of these days
And it won't be long
You'll look for me
And I'll be goin' home
Gotta hold on
Gotta be strong
Cuz people don't live that long no more

Now I been off in the cut
I wish I knew from the git
Plenty money on the table
But this thang is a bitch
And can't see nothin
See you blind as hell
This change that I got
Don't mean shit if we don't sell
Forget what ya tell, Playboy
Lookin forward to buyin my momma a crib
And tell it like it is
That's the deal
Decatur been hea'
Stay down what ya feel
I miss my boy every damn day, for real
Seem like last week that ?????? was here
At the crib gettin blown
Damn, I wish I knowned
How this woulda turned out
To have a nigga stressin
I'm prayin every night to thank the Lord for my blessin
Confessin to change, just ain't the same
When it's me
That's hard as steel
I had to lose my folk to see
Resevoirs run dry where ya knees don't bend
I could poor a fifth of Hen
But it ain't enough in the end, cuz


Look around
How many people here
How many people gone
How many times you done sang that song
It's so hard to say goodbye
That's what we say when the kinfolks die
My homeboy Twain
Oh, he goin through a thang
So let it be known
When momma gone, shit gon' change
I feel his pain
But it don't rain, everyday
Everybody got a life to live
Some choose to play
But regardless how ya live it
Man, we all got to give it
Ain't no need to fight it
Just let God handle his business
Can I get a witness, ha?
I know sometimes I call girls hoes
And I be cussin when I'm bustin my flows
I try to tighten up
But dollar signs keep lightin up
In front of my face
And I can taste it so I'm on this paper chase
Waistin, my precious time
Tryin to paste my grime
Unaware of the finish line
Niggas dyin, cuz


Now my past is gone
And my future ain't shit
Might as well hit a lick, cuz time tick
And split second decisions decide if I live or die
Forever rest face to the sky
Life is like a motor burnin out
You done heard it word a mouth
And in the south everyday a title bout
Between myself and I
Eye to eye without a clue
If it angers me it endangers you
To the point where you got to smoke a joint
'Cause you frustrated
Cussin out the girl you was datin
Nigga, that girl trippin, leave her
She feed you good, keep her
Or smokin on this reefer
I teach her, how to be seen and not be seen
The phone ring, broad tryna' sell me dreams
It's just a fling, but some, don't understand
Some, won't understand
Hash in the hand better than ass in the jean
I gotta get the cheese by any means necassary
Bullshit done got my cousin buried
The way ya carry, done got his life took
The love of money niggas get hooked
Quicker than crack
And that's a fact you find in no book
And you can sho' look
But you won't find none
Life's a card game with no shuffle
I got the bad hand, tryna' bluff
Touchin pain, flushin shit down the drain
Train ya girl to run trains
Now who to blame?

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