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Jim Crow Lyrics

I Know, You Know Lyrics
Now here's a little story I got to tell
'bout them three muthaf*ckas from ATL
Cutty Cartel, Shawty Pimp, and Mr. Mo
Jim Crow make them hoes drop they close to the floor

[Chorus x2: Mr. Mo and Polow(Shawty Pimp)]
You know that hoe you know that hoe
I know that hoe I know that hoe
You know that hoe
We know the same ass lame ass hoe

Well let me tell yall bout this girl I met at mall
She had a caramel skin stood bout six feet tall
Her eyes were brown hair natural no weave
I wanted to do her so I pursued her call ????
I said excuse me baby goddamn what's your name
She said Alottavagina I just flew in from Spain
I said what's going down she said I'm downtown
I got a room at the Embassy plus a fifth of Crown
Now this I can't resist temptation got me gone
Just like the rest of the bottle now I'm ready to bone
Oh I don't make it gone nobody that I frapp
Now if I ever need assistance hit that nigga Flap
Now back to Alotta shawty I knew I got her
Cause when I went up in her deep she was screaming papa
I made her touch herself then made her lick her finger
Her brain numb got her sprung just like Jerry Springer
You know this hoe


[Cutty Cartel]
I think it's Lacey she just moved in from Ontario
Her and her partners was at the Hefa 'bout a week ago
Me and Mr. Mo wanted Hen dog straight
Open face in her mouth wonder what she about
She decided to speak ask my name and shit
Playboy bunny ain't this funny
Oh this hoe is so thick
That cutty buddy tight jeans with the bra to match
Telling me she wanted me to f*ck her straight from the back
Slap that ass grab her hair she just don't care
Flip her over beat them guts now she gasping for air
Grabbed a towel cleaned herself we burned down a dub
And it will be the same thang next week at the club
You know this hoe


[Mr. Mo]
I saw this fine young slimie
Said to myself I hope she user friendly
Since I got a buzz off the Golden Grain
It ain't no thang we can run a train
I'm Mr. Mo I play these ladies like a card game
I see you 50 and raise you two hoes
Church girls strip they dress clothes behind closed doors
But when the door roll up ???? the plot thickens
Snatch your paper while you slipping better watch chicken
They try to play you like you dumb but I'm a step ahead
I beat a Puerto Rican drum ??????
They get friendly after three blunts over Remy
After I poke I send them home without a penny
Now stupid is what stupid does
You shoulda known what it was traded your love for sex
Now you love the sex
I shake hoes strip em down like Meiko
They can't say no
Nigga you know that hoe


Stop let me tell you 'bout this girl that I knock
Come to find she get around like Pac
Good thang that I wore my sock
My rubber my peanut cover
My boy say this nigga cut her
Now shit thick as peanut butter
Cause I'm starting to think I love her
Maybe the head went to my head
Maybe my pimping flaw
Cause ???? ain't supposed to go on emotional see saw
Hit the mall we ball we play
When I called your dawg she say
You gone you ain't home probably out on a date
She hate
I know you there I hear you in the background
But I don't care no more I don' cut you up and back down
??? back in town we spending time again
I asked you bout my homeboy partner [Oh he's just a friend]
Then you got on the bed and gave me some head and everythang
And what I thought was love was nut it left when I came
Oh yes she had some game
She stood 'bout six four [Oh you talking 'bout her?]
I ain't gon' say her name but yall know this hoe

[Chorus x2]
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